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Oh Carol Dear Dear Dear Friend! How perfect this blog post is. Lately I find myself pulling back from everything that once was so special to me. But I am learning to figure why I am doing that and weeding out the "bad" and geting back in! I am finding that many bloggers are going through something similar. Like our Friend Peggy...I need her to start blogging and being "Peggy" again!! I wish we lived closer for some girlfriend time with you and her!!! xoox Grace

Leanne Shawler

I love that blue door!

And thank you for this post. I am still exploring art and seeing if somewhen I'll have my own voice when it comes to art. It came out (after much practice) in my writing, so I know it is there and it is a process and it will come.

Meanwhile, I'm discovering what it means to be true to myself which means to stop hiding behind jeans and tees (although, hmm, I'm wearing that today)... so thank you :)

I'm going to link to your post and have that Emerson quote front and center to remind me.

sharon margiotta

Wow ... you're such a delight, thank you for those words ... as I age, I find myself more and more separating the layers of the onion that make up my life. Prioritizing, reprioritizing ... things that are important, used to be important, really have no bearing anymore ... its interesting and everchanging.


Love that quote by RWE. Great reminders Carol-thank you!

Renee D

Very timely - my daughter just wrote about this topic on her blog...... thank you for the food for thought!!!!


Beautifully, perfectly said... I just stumbled on your blog and it was just what I needed to read. It is a struggle, and I think blogland can even further exaserbate the problem! It's tough to put yourself out there. I love the quote-- I'm writing it down. I think that in the end though, nothing but being true to yourself in every respect will ever bring true happiness... it's the hardest and the easiest thing to do also... and such a paradox.
Happy weekend to you. Kelly

Nicole LeBlanc

I LOVE this post...I have always struggled with being "me" sometimes I think that my friends will think i'm "weird" or that what I like to do isn't as important as what others around me are doing, i struggle with my time isn't as important because i'm a woman of a certain age NOT raising children and therefore i'm not as important as others....so thank you for giving me the courage to say "i'm ok being ME, ME is enough" I'm a firm believer in you get what you need at the time from unlikely sources sometimes well this was what I needed right now! Thanks Again!
Big Big Hugs
xo Nicole (Canada)


what a beautiful, inspiring, thoughtful post. thank you, once again, for always making your "friends" think! and making them feel good about themselves. you are truly an amazing person.
missing you....
hugs and more,

Cris C

Beautiful post Carol, and very timely for me. This really spoke to my heart today. Love and hugs, Cris



Beautifully written...we are each fearfully and wonderfully made to be our unique selves.


I can totally relate to this, Carol. I'm just starting my blog and I'm hoping I can just be myself. I think half the reason I haven't started blogging sooner is because I was trying to be too many things to too many people and worrying about what kind of artist I was trying to portray myself as. I know my art is always evolving, just like me - so it's time to just put it out there and just be me! Thank you for this post!


love the quote! and Love Love this post!!! I find that I don't fear what my friends will think, I just wonder will I be able to support myself "being me"!! I find the fear of financial things loom large and influence my choices. I sometimes have to ask myself "what would you do if you knew you could not fail??". Thank you for a great post and an inspiring quote! ~Sandra

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