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Sharon Margiotta

Ahh, the girls are so pretty, especially Sylvia! They'll learn to love you ... i think .. is that what chickens do?


who could not love you? they look pretty special.....
hugs and more


Hi Carol. My grandfather had chickens when we were growing up on his farm in PA. When we would visit, he would make us put on burlap bags and crawl under the chicken coops to get those eggs way in the corner. Brings back happy memories. Love your girls. Hope you're well.


Absolutely wonderful! I have wanted chickens for 3 years now but they are not allowed in our town. The next town over they are, so we occasionally purchase fresh eggs from some of those families. And you are right, nothing compares to a fresh egg they do smell, look and taste different. Enjoy them (the eggs and chickens!) I have read on other blogs that chickens do have feelings and enjoy company, give them time and maybe the "tude" will disappear!


Hi, just stopped by to check out your blog, and of course the chickens caught my eye. We have had chickens for many years. They are easy to care for and so worth the time you do spend on them. You will love the new addition to your garden. Congrats!

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