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I believe in magic!

Louise Murr

That is so neat and so true in everything you said. Love it...thanks for making me think about the "magic" in my life!



Oh yes, I believe in magic. It's all around us - and doesn't have to be advertised.


I'm a believer!

sharon margiotta

A friend is one who can touch your heart from around the world or across the room ... one of my favorite stamps. What a sweet post that really touches home. Its always nice to know i'm not the only one buying up "magic potions" haa!!

peggy forma

what a beautiful message you sent. i do believe in magic, and fate and love and friendship. i thank you for the gift of your friendship - it is something i truly cherish.
the magic in my grandchildren goes beyond words and the magic in life - to be able to enjoy the simplest thing. last week i witnessed the most beautiful rainbow when we were in the dominican. it touched everyone there and i send rainbows and love and friendship and peace and health to you, my friend.
hugs and more

Karen Poirier-Brode

Wonderful, Carol! There is magic in the world, I agree. You should submit a tape of this to National Public Radio's "This I believe" series. I really enjoy what folk have saved there.
The closest thng to cleaning magic is a cleaning person. As to wrinkle magic, Botox and Obagi really are pretty close!

Nancy L


Thank you for sharing in some of my magic. I'm glad we had the opportunity to meet all those years ago. It was worth delay to see that ring. :) Have to love our spouses for supporting our other passions.

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