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peggy forma

very interesting commentary my friend, especially considering that it was announced today that the highest paid CEO is female!!!! but - there is no doubt in this family that there is a difference in shopping between the species. michael likes to do the food shopping - he says i read too many labels and spend too much money - but if i do not go food shopping for too long a period our house is "missing" too many things. he is a good supermarket shopper and knows prices better than i do. but when it comes to regular i am not a good shopper - i shop when i need something (except for home goods, tj's and marshalls) so therefore i do not get the best prices. i hate malls in general, except when i have to buy gifts. we both enjoy a good flea market. i buy almost all of the presents for the entire family so i guess that makes me the "global" spender of the family.
did i even answer the question?!?!?!?!?!
hugs and more

Sandy L

Hmmm... I am disabled, so my husband does most of the shopping. BUT - I make up the lists of things to buy. I am also a proficient internet shopper. He also takes me to a craft store every weekend, and then we stop somewhere else and spend more money. He spends a HUGE amount of money on computers and TVs. I spend money on everything else.

Chris Aiton

My DH rarely shops - only if he has worn a hole in his pants or his shoes are falling apart. I do all the grocery shopping and thrifting. He smiles at my purchases and eats what I prepare and serve but definitely in this family, the SHE is the buyer.

Marlene Moore

What a good topic. I do most of the shopping but then I do bargain shop whereas my husband will buy it at the first place he sees it. That bothers me because I know I
could have saved money by buying it somewhere else. Just my personality I suppose, who
doesn't like a bargain ?


I am the one in our family that stimulates the economy..I try to do my part on a regular basis!
However that being said...if it is a large purchase..I am thinking $$$+ here,I'll do a little ground work,then take MR with me & let him feel like he is part of the equation...otherwise he is just to impulsive and buys the first thing we look at...I like to have options...see it all..in every color..size...configuration available.


HE doesn't buy anything on impulse, HE doesn't check out the details, HE doesn't buy anything FUN!!! SHE....enjoys what she buys! And that makes HER happy...which makes HIM happy! And that is all she wrote!

Gloria L.

My husband and I are actually VERY similar in our shopping habits, in fact, we often prove it by picking out the very same item! I attribute this to the fact that we have similar (almost identical) backgrounds. We value the same things and appreciate the same things. Makes shopping so much easier! I am very lucky!


We are totally opposite - I agonize, he buys as he pleases. I learned alot from my soon-to-be ex husband about buying what makes me happy... and I'm grateful for that change in my habit. It is liberating and freeing - to not waste energy re-thinking the decision. I'm not always that way - but I am happier when I am that way. And besides, I'm worth it!


oooh - thanks for the chance to win a fabulous kit!
I know that for lots of my friends - they fit the description that you had. But for hubby and I, we both are spenders!!!
I would love to grocery shop without him but he likes to go all the time!!

Kathie Overman

I keep telling my husband that it is my patriotic duty to shop, I always seem to find a great bargain and shop whats on sale, of course he always says " I know how you can save 100 percent " He may say this, but when he buys, there is no limit to his generosity and I'm truly lucky to be the receiver.

Leonie -Australia

This is the strangest coincidence Carol, I was in town shopping today & was thinking about this same topic as your post. I noticed almost all the shoppers were female, & the few males that were at the shops were mostly sitting on chairs reading the paper. I think in Australia the biggest shoppers would be the woman. I know my husband HATES to go shopping, and as I have gotten older I don't enjoy it as much as I used to. Have a lovely day & "happy Shopping".

Gina B.

My husband will research very well before making a purchase, probably because they are big purchases like a car or appliance. I am more impulsive than he is for sure. I use my credit card daily, so I am a more active buyer than he is. We both enjoy shopping and his fashion taste is really good so I trust him completely when he has to do some shopping for me. This is a great question and I've enjoyed reading the other entries :)


Not only are there differences in habits but the habits change over time. When I was growing up My father loved to do the shopping and my mother, not so much. As time has passed and in their 60's that role has reversed. My father's pleasure of it dimished and my mother has now found entertainment in it. I too loved to shop until approximately 3 years ago. I have simply worn out the interest in it. Now when I need to shop I have a list and it is a chore that I "stick to the task" on. I get in I get out. I also try to go during the times when there are less people. I'm sure that those last two give insight into the behavioral shift.

Diana Smith

Ahhh...good question! Hubby does the grocery shopping, he says I take to long. He gets up early on Saturday mornings and is back with groceries before I even get out of bed. We're both bargain shoppers and love a good deal. But he buys for himself and I take care of everything else....kids, house, gifts. I hate looking at tools and he hates craft stores so this is where we part ways.
Thanks for a chance at the great give away!

Ann Mabee

I used to do the shopping, but I did it for so long I got really tired of it, so now hubby does it! Most of my shopping these days is either in a scrapbook store or online. It works nicely that way!!

Jeanne K

Interesting. I really detest mall shopping. The crowds just put me off. But for my crafting projects, I love scrapbook stores, antique malls, flea markets, etc. My husband does most of the grocery shopping and his next most frequent haunt is Home Depot. I think he does a bit more shopping than me.

Leanne Shawler

We are both get in/get out shoppers. I don't like crowds for one thing. So when it comes to clothes or furniture or household goods, we research online before hand and then just go, get what we need and get out again.

However, we can both spend forever just looking in a bookstore.

And I can spend forever just looking in an antique or scrapbook store (although I have been known to do an in/out at the latter). I also do most of the grocery shopping but that's because I usually plan the menus and have time to shop. Hubby shops for when he cooks.

Tre Rockenbach

For large purchases (i.e., electronics), I love to do on-line research, update my husband on what I've discovered, and then we make the purchase decision together. But for general shopping, I've found there is definitely a difference. Stephen likes to make a list, go to the store, buy exactly what's on the list, pay and leave. "In and out" is his motto. For me, shopping is usually more of an EXPERIENCE. I usually do have a specific shopping goal in mind, but I'm much more likely to look around and see what else is being offered or on sale.


I think we have actually learned a lot from each other. I do buy on impulse more than he does, but we both are fairly smart about our purchases. He is definitely not one to 'go shopping' without actually needing/wanting anything, though! LOL!

Dana Edwards

Thanks for a chance to win. Both my husband and I hate to grocery shop. I do it most of the time but lately I have been asking him to go. I know he purposely buys the wrong brand or item just so I won't ask him to go again anytime soon. When shopping together, if I find something I like he pushes me to buy it right then and there. When I am by myself and I find something I like, I have to think about it for awhile and will then go back to a store days later to get it


I do all the shopping and am a borderline shopaholic. My DH hates it. He claims to have store-a-phobia (his word)and pretends to get the shakes when he steps foot in any store. Of course if he really needs something for himself he's able to go in the store, buy the item and immediately leave. No looking around for him. It drives me crazy. Nothing relaxes me more than a nice day of shopping.

Jan Richards

Thanks for a chance to win one of your kits. I am definitely the shopper in our family. My husband likes to shop for plants and electronics. We go together to shop for furniture and Costco, but all other shopping is usually my task. I do love to wander around a fabric store, craft store and scrapbook shop.
He is much more a get in and get out shopper and will do grocery
shopping if her needs to do it. Fun topic today.

Theresa Grdina

WHen my husband and I were first married, I did all the shopping - groceries, clothes, gifts, etc. Now that we are older the roles are more equal. My husband shops for groceries and now will even purchase his own clothes. I don't enjoy the crowds and do not look forward to a day at the mall....isn't that funny? I never really thought about it before this. Very interesting.

laurie hunt

He vs. She...Our version. We have only been married a little over a year but He is the culprit. I will buy things, a lot of things, nice things, and craft things (let's just say I have a pretty pimped out craft room, as they say), but I only buy if I have money. Hubby on the other hand gave me a huge surprise when I inherited bill paying and his credit cards. Amazingly enough, he has changed significantly in his habits. The fact that I took his credit cards away and he has a specific allowance is probably just a coincidence. As far as shopping, he is your guy. I hate shopping (unless it is crafty stuff and mostly on the internet) so he does all the grocery shopping, costco trips, etc. That seems to allow him to get his shopping yaya's without breaking the bank. He is a superstar hubby (now that he is a reformed spend-aholic) and I wouldn't trade him for anything. He even does all the cooking. His motto is "happy wife, happy life." I love that!

Judi W

Carol I'd love a She kit there are so many wonderful inspiring women I could honor with this kit! Thanks for th echance to win.

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