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How awesome.....LOVE hummingbirds.....

Sharon Margiotta

I wondered for a long time if hummingbirds had feet .. because you rarely see one sitting still! But look at this ... and the excitement of possibly seeing teeny little ones ... I really hope you can sneak your point and shoot for the babies!

Kim Johnson

That is oh so special Carol! Smiles!!!

peggy forma

how special is this. isn't mother nature wonderful. please keep us posted!!! the picture is amazing.
hugs and more


Carol, Wow what a great pic! How priviledged is that, a mother bird choosing a tree in your garden.
Looking forward to more pics once the babies arrive!
Only wish we had hummingbirds in New Zealand, they look fascinating.
Thank you.


Hi Carol-
These little jewels are one on my favorite birds. How fortunate you are to be able to witness them in your own backyard. What a precious nest. I am so excited that you shared this. I first became fascinated with them while visiting my sister in Mill Valley. Her agapanthas draw them in and they put on a show as the sparkle in the sun. I think their wings beat about 60 times a second leaving only a blur for us to see. All this movement is what causes them to eat so much and then they fall into a stupor-like sleep at night. I guess I am going into teacher mode here. You are in for observing some very interesting birdlife. Enjoy the show and send more pics please - it will be vicarious pleasure. Be very well.

Debbie Demmers-Lujan

Carol!!! We had hummingbirds when we lived in New Mexico. I have pictures of a nest and was able to shoot the inside while the momma was gone! It was amazing! Their eggs are soooo little! It is a beautiful thing! I was just talking to a gal today at the antique store looking at my chandelier birdfeeders. There are so many fun things to do and make to get our "winged-friends" taken care of! Blessings, debbie ****I will have to hunt for those pictures!


What fun, Carol. Randy and I got to watch ,start to finish ,the same amazing site. There was a nest on our back porch in a Ficus tree. We were even fortunate enough to be there when the babies flew away. Enjoy the experience. It doesn't hapen often. Smile.

Joanne Leddy

Oh my gosh! How sweet! What a treat it will be to watch over the new "additions".

Susan M.

How absolutely beautiful!

Mark Holland

I genuinely loved this brilliant article. Please continue this awesome work. Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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