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Gina B.

That's why I like you :) Pack rat is my middle name.

Marjie Kemper

I was thinking the same thing Gina said. You always make me smile, Carol. I can relate! BTW, your drying rack is lovely.


LOL, I'm giggling because while I am not a pack rat, my husband sure is!! It's crazy all the stuff he keeps!! Glad to hear you were able to organize and downsize!

Love that bench and the tea dyed lace looks gorgeous!


Annette Schwab

Carol, that is funny!!!! We actually had a storage unit for years also and had old furniture in it and an old treadmill that didn;t work. When we finally cleaned it out and donated all the broken items to Goodwill, we added up what we had paid for the storage for all those years, and we could have bought a new treadmill AND a new dining room set! haha


Oh Carol
I know. We've got a loft. Actually it's our roof and my husband built a trap door with a pull-down ladder into the ceiling of our office upstairs. EVERYTHING surplus to everyone gets shoved up there. Now at Easter he had a fall off a ladder and broke his back in 3 places and 3 ribs and I don't think will be up the ladder for a very long time. Now I've been up and down that jolly ladder removing all the stuff while he's safely tucked up in bed. He will never miss that stuff that has gone to the tip - I hope fingers crossed. Shane

peggy forma

LOL and giggling and thinking is this why we are so attracted to each other. i think about the things i save or cannot get rid of sometimes and question my sanity. but what a great feeling when you can get rid of "stuff". my "room" is at that point again and i MUST clean and purge. hope you are enjoying that feeling..........the lace is beautiful and i am looking forward to receiving the kit. hope all is well.....
hugs and more,

Jan Armentrout

Carol...Oh how I LOVE you for purging your crappola!!! ROFLOL Purging/organizing is my second favorite hobby. Friends call me all the time to "help" them clean out their homes. When I'm on a purging tear my husband usually zooms by me clutching his backside, howling "thank goodness THIS is attached to me!" One of my sons refuses to call me to assist him when moving from apartment to apartment for fear of having to toss out too much useless stuff. However, for every person I've helped, they've all been grateful to be rid of the burden their "stuff" caused for years. Kudos to you! Now.....think about goin' through that storage locker one more time! ROFLOL

just me....a lover of smooth surfaces and clean decks....jan

Debbie Demmers-Lujan

Carol, your post reminded me of a book I came across recently....Legacy of a Pack Rat by Ruth Bell Graham. "Crowded attics, garages, and basements testify to the human tendency to keep and cherish even very ordinary things when they hold special meaning." The inside book cover shares this.....Ruth collects thoughts and ideas and shares poems, experiences, memories, and meditations that bring laughter, tears and joy!! Oh, and the illustrations throughout the book are of cute, yes I said cute rats....the artist did well, his name is Floyd Hosmer. Anyway....a good book! Even though I have moved over 30 times, and have gotten rid of so much....well, I am still a pack rat. Even now, I am avoiding my craft room (chaos galore!) and enjoying your blog and others!!! debbie

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