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Love the different Christmas displays....and I can't wait to hear about the "boutique".....


I'm so excited to hear about your new boutique adventure!! Sending prayers for you hubby's parents! I love how you decorate, you are my idol!

Happy New Year Carol!!


peggy forma

loved your entire blog. everything in it was perfect except the sad news about vern's parents. i will definitely keep them in my thoughts in 2010 and wish the best for them. your home looked wonderful and i loved seeing all the things "we" bought together. all the things in your home reflect so much of you and vern and ashley and the love that you have for each other. isn't it wonderful when your partner "gets you". the book vern bought is great. michael bought me this wonderful journal by sabrina ward harrison - it is so pretty i hate to write in it!!!! but it was also one of those "gifts". anyway carol, once again, i wish you the best there is - may 2010 shine brightly for you and your family.
much love,


Carol - Happy New Year. Loved seeing pics of some of your decorations. You have such exquisite taste. So sorry to hear about Vern's parents. Health problems are so scary. Will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

SO excited to hear more about he "event" you are planning for this spring!

Take care and God Bless, Lori


Carol - Oh great goddess of vintage decor..... I know that whatever you attempt in the coming year will be a success. Did I mention that I would love to drive to Arizona? Did I mention that I will scrap the entire life of your firstborn grandchild or your entire ancestral lineage in return for a spot at your boutique event sight unseen? Your hard work and style assure you success in whatever you start. Prayers to Vern's parents and your entire extended family as difficult decisions and bittersweet times occur. Sue

Deb J

I'm glad you are back. You sure found some really neat items while roaming in NY and NJ. I like looking for old different things. Haven't done much of it since moving to the Phoenix area. I will have to get out and do that. Looking forward to taking one of your classes at Scrapbooks Etc soon if I can swing it.


i love hearing what's going on in your magical life carol! thanks for sharing, even the difficult thoughts. my best to you and your family as we enter a new year with joys, tears, pain, sadness, but most of all new adventures and great new possibilies...

Michelle Aguilar

first of all, Happy, Happiest of new Years to you and yours!
Secondly, I am so happy you sold out. Wow, incredible, fast, just like your kits do.
Third, I love the goose, as I have a farm and that is so cute!

have a nice time and dont' worry we all love you so and love to read your blog but, also know you are one busy lady! take time to breathe. :)

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