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sharon m

Tte weather has been perfect for you to enjoy your beautiful backyard! Seeings how I have a "desk" job full of paperwork, can I ever relate to the lack of concentration, but put something creative in front of me and I'll be totally absorbed!!

Michelle Aguilar

I second your dilemma Carol! I can't stand paper work, we have to do our business tax again this month and yucky, trying to gather everything together. then I can't sit at a desk as I used to be some big shots secretary back in the days as 10 different car dealerships. Once I worked then afterwards for lucky's/ABCO foods for 10 years, i love the moving around and it never has been the same since. Sure I can sit at my computer, but, knowing I am locked into a desk job 8 hours per day, nope, I can't.

I guess as we get older our priorities change and we wish to live more carefree and move. LOL
I am very grateful for so much in life despite paper work also.
I love hot water, when I am cold in the morning, the fact that I have the ability to do practically anything I wish, while others never will have enough food to eat etc.

happy day!

Debbie McIntyre

It's nice to have people like you in my life. Keep smiling.

Holly Costello

Where did you get that super cool pumpkin? I {heart} it!!!



As a "reformed" Accountant I understand your funk! Keeping up with my own paperwork is one thing; crunching numbers for someone else is not my cup of tea.
I am so thankful I have creativity in my bones. Love your work!

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