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That's easy! EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! The cooler weather, colored leaves, sweaters, White Chocolate Caramel coffee, long walks,scrapbooking time (again) and so on and so on!

Love that canvas and really hope that you do this as a kit as well!



I agree with Robin, everything! :) Getting to wear sweaters, cords, leather boots (clothes that cover, hooray!), not sweating constantly, changing leaves, pumpkin-spiced things to eat/drink, cinnamon-and-clove-spiced things to smell (like candles), being able to cuddle again since we're not too hot, crisp air, school supplies, putting the swimming suit deep in the drawer! :) LOL!

Thanks so much for having a giveaway, it's FABULOUS!!


I love everything about fall. I love the cooler weather, the leaves, and that the sun sets earlier. It's also a special season for me as I got married in the fall and both of my daughters were born in the fall too.


Living in So Cal, I love the hot dry heat, the leaves changing colors, (yes, even here in So Cal!!), and a sense of regrouping and reorganizing that a change of season brings.


Living in Nebraska the best thing about fall is FOOTBALL! :)
I love that everywhere you go on any given Saturday you'll hear the sounds of Big Red Football. It's just a happy tradition and even though my boys have had a rough couple of years I'm still cheering for them and hoping they come back to the super power status of years gone by. :)


2 words...pumpkin cheesecake


I love it when the grass is cold... Love the change of clothes, making pumpkin bread or chicken tortilla soup on a saturday night. And candles! And pumpkin lattes at Starbucks!

Ann Mabee

I love that at least the evenings begin to cool off and we can watch other places on the news and see the season change. Not so much here. I also love that fall "begins" the holidays...Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas! Love this time of year!!

Jill in Frisco, Tx

Well, I am at a definate disadvantage, I grew up in Phoenix and I now live in Dallas...in both cases, if you don't pay really close attention you miss fall. In Dallas it generally last about 8 hours, I don't remember much more than that in Phoenix, although winter there is more like fall for the rest of the country I believe.
But regardless, fall to me is camping (it finally cools down) and camp fires, and shorter days, and longer nights, fires in the hearth, preparing the house and the calendar for family and friends, the holidays are upon us...wow, I really do like the fall alot more than I would have guesses...


Hot chocolate, sweaters, putting on socks again, and most of all, sleeping under a quilt with cool air blowing across my face from the open window.



I love the smell of fall.... of piles leaves upturned to an earthy aroma and of cider on the stove, of turkeys cooking and the spices that make pumpkin pie.... I really love fall.
I love the textures of fall.... of dried leaves crumbling in your hands or as they scratch gently around your face when jumping in a pile... of webby stringy pumpkin innards... the bumps in my favorite quilt around me as I sit with my morning coffee on my front porch.
Which brings me to the sights and sounds of fall.... of my children giggling and calling to each other while raking huge piles of leaves that scatter when the wind blows and howls, of quiet voices as we huddle around a bucketful of all the fall colors we could find. Of all the thankful blessings that are voiced around a table of the beautiful faces of friends and family... sweet baby faces and faces so weathered and full of character. Its truly a wonderful time of year!!!

Andria B.

I love the cool, crispy air in the morning.


Fall always makes me think of renewal. Perhaps that's due to years on a school schedule, but it's a time to start again, you know?


The beautiful colours of the trees and the crispy air... ah, so nice to cool off at night!


I love everything about fall (especially my birthday!)

I'm really going to miss the leaves changing and the crisp chill in the air, this year!


as I live in AZ, fall is not on it's way, yet. But, I love back to school, I love that the weather will eventually cool down! I love getting organized, now that the kids are back in school during the day :)

Robyn W

the colours .......the change in nature is the best
what a great kit


Aspens, long-sleeved t-shirts and knitted scarves...halloween, orange and crisp breezes...family, gratitude and feasting on turkey and pie!

Vicki Flinchum

Fall....one of my favorite seasons: cool weather (yay no more triple digits , please), Halloween, ripe pecans. Love love this time of year.

Pam Levenhagen

Gathering berry garlands and bittersweet for wreaths, acorns and pinecones. Watching the white squirrels hiding their morsels for the winter ahead. Seeing the deer eating birdseed from the feeders and getting their horns stuck. Sweater weather and sitting on the old pine swing with your husband and two grandkids, roasting marshmallows and singing itsy-bitsy spider. The smells of fall and the crisp fall air can't be beat. As much as "fall" is my favorite, it is also a time that goes from beauty to drab. From green to every color imaginable, to tree skeletons. But beauty none the less.


Crisp - apples, leaves crunching underfoot, fall air. How can you not love the dry cool of fall. Geese honking, the anticipation of it all....I have to win this kit. Monday is my birthday and it is so nice of you to pick out the perfect gift for me.


I think in another life I must have lived in a different hemisphere - I love all the American ideas of fall and am always so sad we don't have the fall you guys have here in Qld Aus with gorgeous crackly leaves
Im like that on Christmas as well and long for a cold Christmas with a hot dinner instead of the sweltering heat and salads we have. I live precariously through blogs form the other side of the world in those seasons
Tamar x
PS adore this one of my fav things youve made x

Mindy Irwin

Hey Carol, living in Florida we don't really have a "fall". I do love the pumpkin patches, all the limited edition pumpkin flavored teas and coffees, the anticipation of cooler weather! I also love Thanksgiving AND working on Christmas presents in the fall! decorating my house and yard with scarecrows, pumpkins and faux fall leaves! and last, but not least, hanging up all the lovely things my kids make me!
Love the inspiration I get from your blog and from Facebook!
Mindy (in Central Florida)

Cindy V.

Living in Houston, we don't have a fall season. We DO have lots of High School Football and lots of Brach's Candy Corn! Yummy!

Nancy Wethington

. . . The sights: Changing colors of the trees:maroons;deep rust;golden yellow. Sweaters.
. . . The smells: Fireplaces with crackling fires. A fresh crispness to the air.
. . . The sounds: Leaves crunching under foot.

Thanks for the opportunity Carol. Love your work!

Nancy Wethington

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