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Ann Mabee

We love going junkin' in Globe/Miami. Such a fun place....especially in the fall or the spring when the weather is more moderate.


That looks so fun. I love all the signs too!


Love the pictures, especially the ones of you and Vern. It is amazing how refreshing just taking one day away can be. tena


sounds FUN! we took an early morning road trip to wickenburg on saturday! enjoyed having the windows down instead of the air conditioner on in the car... met my son there for lunch, he came from vegas, we came from mesa... nice to see everyone... have a GREAT DAY carol (and vern)...

gail friend

Hi,, I was born in AZ and havent been to Globe since I was a child. I will have to check out all of antique shops. Its looks like alot of fun. Thanks for your post! :) Have a nice day. gail

Ariane Cagle

My husband and I used to antiquing in Globe and Miami when we lived there. My husband wants to know if the Dairy Queen in Superior is still open. I don't know how many times when we wanted to take a drive we would go to Superior just to visit the DQ and then come home. LOL However, the scenery is beautiful on the way.


Too bad I didn't know you were taking a trip up to Globe! That's my hometown. My great-grandparents on my father's side settled there in the late 1800's. The antique shops abound and there are so many goodies in those shops. I bet you had a great time. If you are a fan of mexican food, I would suggest Guayo's El Rey in Miami or Burger House which is at the second stoplight as you drive into Miami. Actually there is no bad mexican food in Globe except for maybe Taco Bell! In Globe across from the post office there is a quaint Pizza place called Leonard Paul's that sells Pizza 'buy the slice' is their logo. Great Great stuff. In October, you should try to make it to the Apache Jii days in downtown. You'll see some awesome dancing by members of the Apache tribe, experience authentic fry bread and there are tons of arts and crafts for sale on the streets of downtown Globe. In February is the historic homes tour. Every year there are different homes on tour and it is a fascinating way to spend a day. Please email me before you go again. Maybe I can make some other suggestions for your next trip. GREAT PHOTOS!



I was thrilled to see your blog post about Globe. As a blogger myself and resident of the area I have always found this little community to be a great place to live. Just FYI: Yes, the DQ in Superior is still alive and kickin! And if anyone wants more info on the area, we have launched a new web portal just for Globe-Miami-Superior called: www.gmteconnect.com
Cheers! Thanks for visiting. Check out Pretty Patty Lous, Simply Sarahs and PickleBarrel Antiques next time...and definitely come back for the Excursion Train!

Loretta Reynolds

What a fun day and what great finds. I have wanted an original iron for so long. I actually remember my Grandmother using them. I'm not THAT old! She just never converted to "Modern things". She would put them in the warming section of her oven and use one until it cooled down and then switch. I remember she had to hold them with hot pads! Grandma even had a wringer washer. This had to be in the 1960s. Not too long ago!!!!!.

Like I said I have looked and looked and the prices were always soooo high. I think the lowest I ever saw one was $40. on bad shape so I bought a reproduction in cast iron for $5 which makes me happy for now as I continue my search. Sometimes the search is a big part of the fun anyway.

Reading your blog brought back all these nice memories, Thanks. Hope to see you at Silver Bella .


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