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Hi Carol, Thank you for the awesome giveaway. I love to be told a story thru a book, especially if it has pictures. The prettier the better. Then if I've really enjoyed it like to see it at the movies, which I think are never as good as the book, but I enjoy the imagery. It's always fun to compare how close the imagined story from the book compares to the story. The more modalities the story is formatted in, the better I will remember it. Please enter my name in your very generous contest. Thank you!


This has to be the best giveaway that you ever gaveaway. My favorite way to tell a story is through photographs. I love everything about photography and the way one picture, as well as 100, can tell a story. I can look at some old photos and even tell you what i was feeling that day. Couple a photo with a few thoughtful words and you have heritage, legacy, history and lots of love.
I have been wanting to do a spinner for the longest time and i am sure this beautiful kit will help me tell a story.
I am feeling lucky!!
thank you for sharing this beautiful and generous kit.


what a wonderful idea.... i tell my stories by keeping journals, supported with photos and memorabilia in somewhat of an art journal format. i hope my loved ones find these as illuminating to read as i have to making them!

Kris B. in Rochester, NY


As I think about how I tell stories, I write, I photograph and I include "stuff"... after 30+ years of teaching, I saw how children have so many ways to learn and I want to include as many ways as possible when I'm telling about the memories that I want to pass down to family members so I try to include as much as possible. I have written details in journals from family trips from the time we began family vacations. I, also, have included bits and pieces of things that we acquired along the way to help with the memories, and of course, I have TONS of photos. I think they all contribute to round out the memories and tell a more complete story. Your giveaway is an ideal way to document a year of memories... what a clever idea! I will definitely keep it in mind for the future... a great way to do a mini version of 365... memories on a monthly scale... enough, but not overwhelming!

laurie hunt

I am fairly new to your blog (since we made that amazing travel portfolio at Inspired) and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. Now for my favorite way to tell a story -- Just tell it. I like to get animated, try to get a laugh or two and let whoever hear what I have to say. As far as my favorite way to hear a story -- I love a good book! Thanks for the opportunity at what sounds like some pretty great loot!

valerie myers

I love to tell my stories in tiny mini-books. I especially love to use my Hambly scraps to make tiny pages 2"x2" or smaller and create pages with punched photos from index prints. I have one for each of the holiday seasons, people always take a double look when they realize there are tiny photos on the pages!

Judi Weldon

I like to tell story's through interactive mini-album, for each page the first view has a combination of picture-ephermera-keepsake, title or short statement, then hidden behind the picture or with tags or accordian fold item etc more indepth details, stories or recollection.

That way the pages can be enjoyed both as a quick glance or in more detail through pull-outs, tags etc.

Theresa Grdina

Hi Carol! What a great give-away!!!! I like to tell my story through books...ones that I write! However, I like to hear other's stories through both books and pictures...a picture is, after all, worth a thousand words!!!


aaah. stories. they can be told through so many mediums but the one that seems to be my favorite is always through the tactile things- rocks or shells found on a weekend get-away, the menus from favorite restaraunts, ticket stubs from the movies or a play... ephemera always seems more 'real' to me and I am trying to include more of it in my little books and journals, in addition to the photos and journaling.


Hi Carol, I love to tell a story by journaling or writing. When I was little I wrote alot of letters - it really is a lost art now. Thanks for the giveaway.


Stories are such a huge part of our lives. We love to keep them alive by telling them over and over again to each other (and anyone else who will listen!). Our favourite time to share this story-telling is when we are in the car together, or sitting around a campfire. Some of the stories become more exaggerated (and hence, more delicious!) as they are told over and over, while others make us reminisce and remember even more stories. My kids are older now and in their twenties, but they still get a gleam in their eye whenever they hear the words "remember the time when....".

Susan L (lily40au)

For me scrapbooking is firstly about stories, and I use photos and memorabilia to bring the story to life. I love using hinge rings to create mini books to tell my stories. One of my favourites is a mini album I made 5-6 years ago of the amazing friends I've made through scrapbooking. And most recently, I'm using my blog and Project 365 to create a 2009 All about me. PS I love the spinners and always wanted to make one, and the 7Gypsies journaling cards are the bomb! LOL So, even if I don't win what an awesome giveaway for somebody. Thanks for thinking of us.


Hi Carol ... love to tell stories thru photos and memorabilia ...the little things collected along the way that provide more "color" to the telling, making it richer. Similar to a tapestry, each album has woven thru it the photos, ticket stubs, seashells, stories, rocks, pressed flowers, buttons, documents to give it lovely, dimensional beauty.

THank you for the opportunity!

Christine Sjoden

Hi Carol, What a giveaway your doing. All those wonderful things. I love to tell stories by making my scrapbook pages and giving some kind of "small" journal and then looking over my scrapbook with a loved one and telling them in detail the story. We love to look at the scrapbooks and tell each other things and laugh and ahh and ohhh.

Thanks for the opportunity...

cheryl smith

Thanks for offering such a great giveaway.
I feel so fortunate to be part of a family where storytelling and recording history is valued. I have several items that are very important to me:
An audiocassette recording of my Grandmother telling stories about her childhood and growing up in Mineral, Ohio.
A videocassette of my Grandfather (that I participated in making) giving a tour of his childhood home and his dairy farm in Athens, Ohio.
A 3 ring binder assembled by my father and many other relatives of family photographs, letters written by my great grandmother and other important family memorabilia.
Over July 4 weekend, my family is gathering at our cemetery in Athens, Ohio to demolish and excavate the fallen church on the property. We are all camping on the property and working on this project together. We will tell lots of stories and make many memories and I'm certainly thinking about how to record this important event!


One of my favorite ways to tell a story is from when my children were little. At bed time I would lay down with them to help comfort them while they fell asleep. Sometimes I would sing a few songs (scary considering my voice!) and sometimes I would make up little stories. Most of the time I would make up names for small animals like rabbits and squirrels etc. Then I would try to make the story parallel something that had recently happened to them. Some times it would be a story with a moral or even a joke at the end. I used to really like making up and telling them the stories and they seemed to enjoy hearing them. I will have to ask them if either even remembers this little ritual. Thanks for the memory. Lori

Leslie McF

Love the giveaway - great stuff. My favorite way to tell a story is with a group of friends, good food, good drink and lots of laughter. All stories are best told with good friends, good food and a good laugh.
Leslie McF

Louise D

I love being told stories by people - my all time favourite being my Nana (who is no longer with us) but I will never forget that she had a story about everything and anything. She also loved to tell them and has written many of them down so we still have them. These along with photos are so fantastic and one of the reasons why I scrapbook - to get those stories written down.
Thanks for the fantastic give away.

Jennifer LoSchiavo

Hi Carol! I love to tell stories speaking to my children. My words are directed to them by me, so when someday I am in heaven and they are holding their scrapbooks they will feel my presence and know they were loved beyond my words! Thank you for your beautiful blog - it is very inspiring!


Lovely, yummy give away! I love stories; whether it's in the written or oral form, I love them all. One of my favorite memories is of my friends and I sitting around and sharing ghost stories-some made up, or what we now consider "urban legends", and some actual experiences. We would just go around and around sharing our stories and scare ourselves silly (with the guys turning off the lights to freak us out every now and then)! There is just something about seeing others' facial expressions, hand gestures and vocal intonations that makes that kind of story telling real and alive. But then again, I've also read stories written in journals and letters that have put tears in my eyes, or had me laughing at loud, or grimacing in pain. Those written stories are so much more personal because the feelings they impart lasts beyond that person's lifetime. So really, I have no "favorite" way to tell a story: the purpose is to share them--that's what matters most, I think.


My favorite way to tell a story is through a mini-album. I especially like to create them with my niece. I love to be told stories through books. The best books are the ones that stay with you.


your products paired with my products would tell the perfect story. i have been "trying" to do my spinner for over a year know and never find the time. i have found that my favorite way to tell a story is through scrapbooking, which is through photographs. there is such a sense of joy in adding journaling and art to a simple picture. thank you for this amazing give-away. i must say i still enjoy a good book for a story
hugs to you

Nancy Wethington

What an amazing giveaway! This would be a dream to win. You are my favorite artist (and I'm not just saying that to win this prize!) Your kits are packed with wonderful things. Your ideas are out-of-this-world creative. And I would love to tell my stories that have been passed down from generations ago as well as the stories we have recently lived. Thanks for the opportunity.

Angela Nunley

Hi Carol - what a great giveaway!

I would have to say my photos at family reunions. I have been the official photographer (if you can call me that) and scrapbooker for years and the greatest compliment came last Christmas when one of my uncles asked me to put together a family scrapbook for everyone. Yes a daunting task but I was honored! A special spinner for him would be perfect!

Angela N - VA


Hi Carol. Some of my best stories have been told around kitchen tables...whether it's my 3 sisters and I (sitting for hours) or my group of friends when we get together once a month. We have laughed and cried and heard and told some great stories sitting at kitchen tables. Thanks for the chance to win this super kit.

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