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hmmm I wonder if they make good pets??? they sure are cuties!!

CeCe DuPriest

Carol, this is rather embarrassing. While all of your pictures are beautiful and I know Australia is a treat, none of the tourist things grab me. What grabs me and makes me ever so jealous is picturing you rummaging around in all those totes for the magnificent charms. Oh my gosh, they are fabulous!!!!

peggy forma

oh my!!!
could anything be cuter
thank you SO MUCH for sharing
this wonderful experience!!!!
love ya

Libby George

Hi Carol
Please give us the address of the store I am going to be there in August and sure I can make a stop. I just love the charms you picked out.

melissa cavanaugh

seriously, love those cute koala bears... love reading about the rest of your trip too... i seriously want to go to australia... thanks for posting!

NotSoccer Mom

first of all, you KNOW i can't wait to find out how to make that nest!!!
secondly, those aren't australian seagulls--didn't you know they are the same seagulls we have here! they just flew over there to see YOU! :)
thirdly, that second koala looks extremely soft and cuddly. but i've heard their claws are sharp.
so glad to hear and see what a good time you had. even more glad you're back!


i LOVE LOVE LOVE your pics! esp the beach shot of the little rows of houses/apartments... i'm a painter, i just might have to paint that one! would you like it when i'm done?!? *smile*

Greta Young

Next time you are in Sydney Carol you will have to get in touch with Judy (aka Redvelvet) http://redvelvetcreations.blogspot.com. Now she is the Junking Queen (of the world!)

Love hearing about your trip.

I am doing 3 classes with Julie Van Ossten ((JVO) next weekend - YAHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Love seeing and hearing that you enjoyed our country so much. Koalas look very cute and cuddly but they do have sharp claws. Love the charms you got. i would love to visit that store too.

Melbourne Australia


Hi Carol, Glad you enjoyed the bead store, I wish I had stayed a little longer in Sydney so I could go there myself, but you need several hours just to look at what they have. It was wonderful to meet you and that we got to know your warm kind hearted spirit! It was a blast to have a "play" table at a trade show. I know Audrey Underwood really enjoyed having you come make some art with her!

Julie Perth Western Australia

Leonie - Australia

So glad you enjoyed your stay in Australia & got to see a few pretty spots!


Thanks for sharing can't wait to see more.


oh my heck those Koala's are precious! I remember when my mom and dad went to Australia, they went to a Koala park and my mom got to hold a baby Koala..she said it was amazing!!

It truly sounds like you had a wonderful time there and I've really enjoyed reading about your trip and seeing all the pics!!



Without people like you telling travel stories, where else would we get good entertainment for those of us that never go anywhere? TFS, loved the pics and the stories. Glad you found the bead store. I think we like the same things and places.



I love the koala bears....... They are just the cutest........

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