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Julie Loeschke

I believe it's the egg of the Common Grackle. Some people don't like them, but they are interesting to watch. Enjoy your day! Julie.

lori hunsaker

I'm not a bird expert, but I know what I like and I like that little egg. Did you keep it? I would and I would put it in an abandoned nest and display in a simple little glass dome. It is so pretty.

Susan M.

While I do not know anything about the birds egg you have I do have a cute story for you Carol. My daughter's boyfriend was telling me a story about a client he has here in AZ. She has a spring wreath on her front door. A momma bird built a nest right inside the wreath. This lady removed the nest and put it in a nearby tree. The next day she came outside and the mother bird had put it back in the wreath and had laid eggs. I guess she has done this for a couple of years now. This week there were four young babies chirping away inside the nest, so it must be hatching season.


Carol!! I just was checking out the upcoming class calendar at .etc. I am so excited. You are going to start teaching Creative Genius at night!! Wow that is awesome. I don't have to take a day off and feel guilty anymore. Be sure to mention this on your blog. I am sure there are plenty of others who will love being able to take a live and in person class with you! Can't wait to see upcoming projects. Lori


Oology--the study of bird eggs is not my specialty. However, i did research for you on the internet and tried to find your egg. The egg pics i found didn't match your lovely egg. House Sparrows have similar color but more spotted than lined. I'm wondering if it's the same bird as we get in our yard every yr. It fluffs up it's wings and pretends to be wounded if you go near the nest. Sialis.org had some interesting facts.


I love birds eggs Carol! Great post! Hope to see you soon!

Lorraine Lewis

Beautiful egg and I love the new banner.

Pearl Maple

That is an unusual egg. Hope it delights you with a new friend soon. Collections is a beautiful range of products. Thanks for sharing your creative works with us all.


Hi Carol:
Love the egg and the graphic with it under all the wonderful words. I happened across your lovely blog and I just dive and the shock gives me a reality check : )
If I dip the toes and go on it is too shocking so just jumping is me : )
Oh, by the way, my name is caorl(e) I am 60 and added the e on when I was 18; I am use to it now because I am 60 : )
Come visit sometime and say hi.


What a find! That is a really cool and interesting egg, whatever bird it came from!

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