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My home is very colorful, but decorated with colors specific to the ocean, since I love the ocean. i have lots of glass, deep blue, turquoise, sea green, sea glass, japanese fishing buoys, shells, driftwood. I try to infuse my home with the tranquility of the ocean, since I love it so much.


Hi, Carol. Blog surfing today. My home was built partially pre-decorated by someone else. French Country...a lot of white, soft squishy leather sofa to nap on, wood floors, custom drapes on 5 long large windows to look outside, and art work from Japan. Never used brick fireplace because of allergies. Far too many rooms and bathrooms to keep spotless. Kitchen is well used--we don't go out much and since my Mom's health was poor for years--I've done all major family holiday meals every year. It's a nice home, paid for, but I have never been happy here. Someone else's idea of a perfect home...not mine! We have land to build retirement home someday. I love my BASEMENT,much cooler in the summer and I want to turn it into my studio if husband will let me. Used to have a tatami room. Dark green carpet which is lovely at Christmas time. We can see the WF Air Show and the Rock'nRRanch fireworks every year from our windows. Many old things around from my Grandmother, lots of my scrapbooking projects, and boy stuff everywhere(baseball caps,stinky sneakers)! No collections or material goals--we sponsor missionary families and a boy in India instead.

Wendy Antenucci

My home says that I love to be organized; that means there is an abundance of tupperware, bookcases, rolling carts, and bins. We are in a temporary spot right now so hopefully when I get in our home it will say more homey things. But I've always loved organizing.

Wendy Antenucci

My home says that I love to be organized; that means there is an abundance of tupperware, bookcases, rolling carts, and bins. We are in a temporary spot right now so hopefully when I get in our home it will say more homey things. But I've always loved organizing.


Hi Carol-
Could this collection be even prettier than the ivory/white collection I just bought from you a few weeks ago?
My home is a true reflection of myself. It is a very eclectic mix of furnishings containing everything from my mom's dining room set (+50 yrs old) to collected pieces from flea markets and gifts i have received. I have wonderful art from around the world: some original oils to unique ceramic pieces from various craft shows from near and from travel. I love blown glass and while i love Chihuly's work, my wallet allows for the less pricey. There are books in every room of the house (including the three bathrooms!))My daughter and I are avid readers. But the best room in the house is my craft space. It is my sanctuary. It is pink, black&white and apple green. It is filled with damask and glass0 and mostly white furniture i have collected along the way - aside from the book shelves and two storage units, no 2 pieces are the same. It is vintage meets Home Goods! It is well organized. There is always a project in the works so my work area is usually busy-looking. I love my paper, ribbons, buttons, photos and all the other products that frees me to have fun, be creative and perhaps insprire others. This room is pretty and cluttered. It is so happy looking and FUN and these qualities are palpable from the moment one can see it. I have wanted a craft room since i was a little girl---dreams do come true. Carol, I am looking forward with great anticipation to seeing you at Scrapbook Clubhouse, CT., in Aug.
Joyfully, Ida (from NJ!)

Judy in Carefree

Our home says that after many years in the Midwest, we truly embraced the Southwest, but we couldn't quite give up all our treasures from back there. We found that we have been able to incorporate our antiques with our new look. Both my husband and I are collectors and readers so you will find tons of books and "stuff" that reflect us in our home. What a joy it has been to decorate this house with new furniture, original art and be able to view the mountains from almost every window! However, you'd think I was a slob if you walked into my two craft areas. Thank goodness for doors that close!


My home would say, "you need a bigger house"...

You would know I like neutrals, mixed with greens & blues. Lately more blue, although green is my favorite color.

A bit modern, but with meaningful vintage pieces tucked into places: a Russian typewriter, an old seed packet display box that houses 60 vintage Alka Seltzer bottles with wonderful turquoise metal tops, old shoe forms & printing press trays.....and a varied collection of vintage numbers & letters in various materials.

Bookshelves overflowing with books that have been read. I am not able to part with my books. Lots of magazines in various piles and places and corners and in baskets.

Artwork from a varied lot...screenprints from the Art College students when they have their yearly sale in the Fall (a collection that is getting a bit too large)a fave print from Lisa Solomon with stitching, textile pieces meant for children, but I could not resist the imagery (etsy seller:mummysam's "hanging out the wash")watercolors (another etsy fave: (thisisalliknow). Pottery pieces from our travels. Family photos & framed oddities (not one in the same, honestly...)

My home would also say that I need a housekeeper, because there doesn't seem to be one living here at present. Inspite of liking the "hanging out the wash" piece of artwork mentioned above, it's the folding of the clothes that I like--not the getting them to the washing machine and hanging them out part, and other household tasks.

My house would also say I better get back to tidying for a dear friend's visit in a couple of days.

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

My home is airy and light looking,lots of windows, by the way I want new ones.I have lots of interesting little things to look at but I try not to clutter anymore my other house was tooo cluttered.You get the feeling your welcomed right away (I hope so)I want to paint soon and I want colors I need to inject color , were very traditional but I need some color in my life.Soon I will buy new living room furniture, but I can't seem to find what I want, when I do its a whole new look for us!!
Am I confusing?? Hope not !

Sharon Giordano

Wow - so interesting! I am pretty happy with my house at this point. My former husband and I purchased it 10 years ago and the walls were all blah beigy putty something color. I was so unhappy in my marriage that I did not have the energy to do anything about it. I think the house was as depressed as I felt! Once we divorced, I painted my whole downstairs beautiful shades of cheery yellow. It was amazing - it was like it was full of sunshine! Then I began to decorate in my own style (I didn't have to compromise anymore:-). I can only describe it as vintage, romantic, whimsical, antique, shabby chic, French country and very feminine. I've surrounded myself with things I love and make me happy. People love to look around when them come in - I've had some people say it's like being in a store because there is so many different things to look at. It's not cluttered, just filled with sweet things. One person said it was like a doll's house; another said it was like a museum. And people comment that it looks perfectly like they would expect my home to look. That makes me happy too.


My home would say, Purge, Purge, for goodness sakes purge!!!! :)

Cherri Engle

First of all let me say that I have enjoyed reading your blog. I just found it within the last month to month and a half. My husband and I just bought our first home together, last year. (we have only been married a little over 3 years and he had moved into the home I owned previously). We have had so much fun decorating together, figuring out each others styles, like and dislikes. We have re-painted the entire house in warm neutral colors with pops of bright colors (red-one of my favorite colors). One of our recent additions to our home that tells the 'story of us' is went recently went mining for gems and stones. We had the lady there take a picture of us mining and them we placed all of our 'valuable finds' (not really valuable) in a large ginger jar and placed it next to the photo. It is a great conversation piece and shows traces of a lovely day that just the two of us enjoyed together. I love those 'personal' touches that you speak about. We are working hard to show more in all areas of our home. Thanks for the opportunity to win these awesome trims. I would love to have them.


Hi Carol. If you come into our home you get a feeling of welcome and family. Upon entering our kitchen you'll see a seashore theme. My husband loves fish which brings you into our living room that has two fish tanks - 155 gallon and a 55 gallon filled wish fish. Our home is creme, corral, greens and some blues. Then you come into my scraproom which are painted in AZ tans and terra cotta after I visited AZ and fell in love with the colors. You will also see photos of us as well as a wall of photos of our Yorkies, Lucky (who is 13)and Skippy (who died in May of last year). We're happy people who love our pets and our friends and family always feel welcome in our home.


Marilyn Cline

At the moment, my home says "you need to throw away a BUNCH of stuff", or at least have a hugh garage sale (which is in the works). If you look past the clutter, you will see that I love color, reading magazines & mysteries, scrapbooking, cardmaking, quilting, and sewing. I love cats, and have seven indoor cats to love on, and they love on me! You will see that I have a collection of Santa Claus figurines in my cranberry-colored dining room - I have tried to buy different, one-of-a kind Santas, but I also have plenty of the readily available Santas, as well. I leave them out year round, and they have grown to be a part of my every day living. A couple of years ago, I painted the paneling in my living room YELLOW, and I LOVE IT!!! I don't think I will ever tire of the yellow - I even painted my kitchen wall the same color. Also decorating my home are my family pictures, with pictures of my grandkids leading the way. Just a few vignettes of my home...


My home is a reflection of my life and 35 years of marriage. Although,to some it may seem cluttered and even to me, when dusting, it is cluttered. It is a snapshot of my present and past. My house is filled with memories, pictures of loved ones, treasures that belonged to family members, such as my great grandmother's platter, my husband's great-great grandfather's flask from Scotland. The list goes on and on. Even with the occasional crack in the wall, peeling paint and creaking doors, I would not trade my home for a mansion. It is my mansion and my fortress.



i love the color green and try to use it as much as i can and in as many different ways.... i am also a collector of art and lots of "stuff". you will find changing vignettes of my finds throughout my home and garden. i find as much joy in creating them as i do looking at them.

Susan M

i never thought about this subject, but it has made me think about it. I guess my house would say that I like to be neat and that is about it. Time to make a change. Thanks.

Tracy Johnson

Wow- that's beautiful trim. The kind of stuff that makes my heart beat fast when I find it in a box at a garage sale. My kitchen, anyway, says I love vintage 30's and 40's kitchen stuff. I have 2 shelves on my walls full of vintage Schilling red spice tins. Most of them are metal, but my favorite one is a cardboard box of cinammon. It says on the back..."War time conditions make it impossible to supply our usual superfine quality. This is the best we are now able to do."
It makes me choke up everytime I read it. I have sort of adopted it as a personal motto, and try every night, to be able to say to myself "I did the best I was able to do."


The timing on this question is uncanny because I just interviewed a house cleaner yesterday who looked with dismay at my belongings. She cleans for my friends who have a 4,000 square foot with nothing in it. No book cases, no art, no trinkets from travel, no decorations at all. The couple has 5 college degrees between them and their house is BORING.

My small house, my little jewel box, is chock full of my personality. I both live and work in this space. The style might be called Tropical Bohemian (a la Find Your Style). Lots of tropical plants in the corners, a pair of knitted banana leaf wing chairs, a round teak dining table, dark wood TV cabinet, bamboo blinds on the windows, pebble mosaic topped plant table, bamboo framed mirrors line the hall, and my pride and joy, the Chris Madden throne bed with leather padded headboard.

My art ranges from abstract to vintage advertising to clinical specimens of sea shells. But the best art comes from photographs of scenes from around the world that I call my stolen vacation pictures. A palm reader sign in Kathmandu, whirling dervishes in Turkey, balboa trees in Africa, Mont St. Michele in France, celtic crosses in the UK, samadhi yogis in India, prayer flags in Bhutan, good luck locks in Japan... you get the idea.

To follow the well traveled theme, I have a collection of twisted wood candlesticks from India, bas relief clay vase from Guatamala with Mayan images, African masks, Indian textiles, mother of pearl picture frames, Chi Wara statue, Balinese goddess wall plaque, and other assorted things I might have picked up on my world travels.

Did I mention that every room has a bookcase? The living room has an 8 ft case, the family room has a magazine/catalog collection as big as a coffee table, the bedroom wall has two shelves with inspirational reading and journals, and the studio has my art books. The bathrooms have magazine racks, also.

My house might be a house cleaner's nightmare, but it is overflowing with things that I love, arranged so I can see them and interact with them. It reflects who I am and my varied interests and inspired me to explore more deeply the world around me. There may be dust bunnies in a few corners and too many items on the kitchen counter, but there is always a empty chair for a friend, a good book close by, and fun things to look at. It's a rich, complex environment, full of color and ideas. Just like me.


My home would hopefully say to you "be comfortable, stay and sit
a while." I love antiques, the shabbier the better and my basic
color scheme is black and white with lots of red and greens.
Throughout my home are lots of black and white photographs of family
and other things that I have accumulated. Nothing fancy but
lots of things made with my own hands or the hands of friends,
comfort with a healthy dose of living (dirt ;-)


what a fun post carol! i love learning more about you.
over the years i have spent considerable time de-cluttering. trying to simplify what i have, how i display it, & even more so-simplifying what i purchase! confessed former clutter freak here. realized with a home full of girls, their friends & a big furry dog that too much clutter distracted me and that i was spending too much time cleaning it & reorganizing it. it has freed me up to downsize & keep out only those things i truly love & then i change around things seasonally too.
helps me focus on the "them" not my stuff.
surely that was clear as mud!
don't enter me into your drawing as you have so richly blessed me recently!
i just wanted to say hi!
ps-my emi has a growing fascination with scrapbooking. she spent much time last night looking through your white book & was completely enthralled!!

Donna Goss

I just re-did my home last year to include my art and art my friends have given me. I enjoy seeing everyday all these things I love. This way others that come into my home know more about me and my likes.

Danielle Barton

Our home tells a story about people who have better things to do than clean. Nothing is organized and no matchy-matchy. We buy things we like, and figure out where they are going to go later. We have book shelves in our living room, floor to ceiling with books, statues, art, pieces of mail, baskets of treasures, candles and photographs of people we love. In our bedroom, the bed is rarely made(this is my husbands fault-LOL!!) and I am beginning to get used to it. So I guess our home says we love a lot of things and we like to be remind of them! :-) Does that make any sense?!?!

peggy forma

hi carol
my home is a total reflection of me and who i am as a person, wife, mother, grandmother and homemaker!!!!!!! it is black, white and a color in almost every room. it is comfy, cozy, warm and me!!!! there are things i have made in all rooms. my scrap room is TOTALLY MINE!!!! (so is most of the house - LOL). about 12 years ago we redid our kitchen and i can truly say all these years later it still makes me happy every single day. i love it!!!! i could really go on, but my nephew has summed it up for me - he told me he loves coming to my home because it is always so easy, so comfortable, no guilt or hidden agendas and always the best food!!!!!!!! that was the best compliment in the world!!!!!!!!!! need i say more..........
hugs always
peggy forma
(cannot wait until august 23rd!!!!!!!)


I don't have my own house, I still live at home to save money while in college. But my bedroom definately talks about me, even behind my back! ;)

It tells everyone I am an artist, and it proudly displays photos of my beau. It also says I am a romantic, all the art that I have not created myself (and most of the things I've made) centers around love. My room also proclaims that I love pink roses and turquoise blue is my favorite color.


Okay, you struck a chord and so I had to play along. If you walked in my front door right now, the story you would see is a girl who loves the color green (can't help it, everything I buy lately is green), and a famiy who had their photos taken by Tara Whitney (yay!) and a mom who isn't the greatest at cleaning, or clearing out clutter (whatever...) and you'd surmise we have trouble hanging things on our walls or windows....hopefully the story our home tells is one of love and contentment. There, you asked, I had to tell!

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