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what a beautiful post & so true.
it is truly hard to teach our teenagers this principal. they are constantly bombarded with technology, emails, texts, phones,etc. they seem to need stimulation at all times.
i want my children to enjoy just being- to enjoy a simple "normal day" as being a blessing. to build lifelong loyal friendships. to apprciate & respect those older & wiser than they. to be able to pursue their dreams & what completes them.
i never take for granted a day that i awaken & we are all healthy. i want them to feel blessed by the simple pureness of their day. to not compete with others , to appreciate their differences.
whew,sorry but you asked!

Judy in Carefree

Right now it's knowing that my children and grandchildren will have time to be together this coming week...the best of times! Loved the Friday class, Carol! Thinking about the pictures that I will put in the book...family "together" times. I am blessed!

Judy in Carefree
Toni (FoxyCropper)

Hi Carol....

It's been a long time, so I wanted to pop in and say hello! When are you coming to LA!



great message.
This last month for my birthday I asked DH for "time" with him instead of gifts because he is going to Iraq. I just felt like it was soo much more important and meaningful to have and remember that time spent together more than anything he could "buy" for me.
(and now i have that trip to scrap while he is gone!)

My family and friends are so important to me right now, with my Dh gone they are great support. You cant buy that.

Thanks for sharing that post today.

Velvet Brick

Nice reminder, Carol... and I really like the collage....
The last 3 years have been my most challenging, and keeping focus on what really IS important in life has helped me make it through... the health of myself and my children, my job that I love, being able to pay my bills, my faith, the support of friends without waiver and peace in my home ... with these things, I consider myself to be so very, very blessed!


Carol - what a blessing to be reminded to focus on truth.
I appreciate life, health, family, a good book and creativity.
I love your creation - do you ever sell things on etsy?
~ Nancy


My family and friends matter a great deal to me. And taking care of ourselves is another important matter.

I also got a chance to see your class samples over the weekend and must tell you that I am extremely excited about them. :)


I have seen this book. sounds so wonderful!


We moved from the city to the country just to remind ourselves and our children of the things that truly mattered - the abundance in the world around us, the things in nature which were provided for us by God, bird singing on a summer's morning, crickets chirping at night.

We've had some health scares so each day that is healthy is a blessing for us but I also am always so amazed at the beauty that surrounds us - a really crisp blue sky, a truly bright yellow butterly, strikingly orange butterly weed next to chartreuse leaves in a field. There is an overflow in life for which to be thankful that some days I think my heart and head will explode.

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