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I love this post, carol...and I'm in totaly agreement with those not to do's. It's pretty much how both pa torm and I were raised, and how we raise our own kids. do I fail? oh yes...nearly every single day...but we keep on plugging along. My biggest one is consistancy. My kids know that if I tell them 'no whining or we'll leave' I mean it. It's not always easy to follow thru on, mostly cuz maybe I'm not ready to leave...lol...but it teaches them an important lesson.


Amen sista. Good reading. Now being able to consistently practice all the good stuff... I am a work in progress as a parent and I have been at it for 17 years!Tena


Interesting post Carol.
I look at this post, and think, eek. My brother and I have parent problems. Have had for all our lives. At this point, I can say, its getting worse. My mother tries to be my best friend, she is controlling, etc. My father, well, I loved him, but he was a put down merchant.
I know that I stuff up at times (being a parent), but I know what I will never be. I want my kids to have a great childhood. One that they can look back on and remember fondly. I want to be a parent that can look and say, I did ok. I think having God on our side helps.
My brother hasnt got children, and I think that our childhood has put him off being a parent.
Bit of a shame really, as he is a fab uncle.

Thanks for making us think a bit further.

Kimberly Kwan

I think all of those points are well thought out and certainly warrent some consideration. Parenting is WAY tougher than I could have ever guessed, but I was blessed with wonderful parents who somehow managed to do so much of it RIGHT. My hubby's parents, on the other hand, failed miserably in much of the child-rearing stuff....but thankfully my hubby is a strong self-starter and has recently made it his life's mission to NOT make the same mistakes HIS parents made. Most of all, I think it is critical to be PRESENT for our children...something which is hard to do in this age of so many distractions!!!


Very nice list-- parenting is such a hard job-- thank goodness there were/are two us to do it!! If one of us drops the ball I always beleived the other one of us is there to have that level head... and you know when they reach that age of adulthood I think its just as tough... the advice they ask for puts us in such a hard position... so many gray areas!! but I keep thinking its got to be a good thing that after 23 years they do still respect our judgement enough to ask... the hard part is to wait to be asked!!!

Trish D

Great list - thanks so much for sharing.


I love the post, especially since I'm a new parent myself. Ironically, I'm going through issues on the other end with my own parents. They're relatively young parents...just turned 50 and I'm 30, but they act like rowdy young adults again. Not the grandparents I had hoped for or imagined they would be. It's hard when someone you have admired for so long, falls off the pedestal you've placed them on. I can only hope to be the best parent I can with my own kids. Thanks again for the great post.


Carol, I agree most definitely. And boy do I struggle with #11. Is it possible to love them too much? :) Blessings, Rebecca

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