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Yikes! I can get forks at the local Salvation Army 6 for .99! Hope you can find some less expensive ones.


Even if your fork doesn't have a pedigree, the quote does -- how fun together! Should I be on the lookout for you? I remember the last lucky batch of silver you found here.


Looks like a fun project! Good luck finding more forks.

peggy forma

great, fun project. let me know if you want me to go "junking" for you............
hugs and more


Why is it that ALL your 'sneak peeks' turn in to 'must haves' with me?
I adore silver - even all my jewellery apart from my wedding and engagement rings is silver.

I especially love old, pre-loved silver as it can tell so many stories.

So just the sight of a battered silver fork has me hooked!!
AND of course I know, because it's a "Carol Creation" THAT is just the tempter and there is sooo much more in store.

Another Creatologie Kit and FORK winging it's way to me no doubt!!
Thank you!

Audrey Bianco

Carol, I so hope I can get into your class! Am sitting by the phone ready to call! Audrey Bianco, Champaign, IL


$9.00 forks... yikes! Every time I go antiquing it always amazes me how much people want for some things. Of course, I'm always trying to find a bargain. $1.50 sounds more like a price I'd be looking for too!

Julie Loeschke

Oh,I can't wait! I have my own fork,if that helps. Anyway,I be there to order when available,as usual.:D

Teresa Atkinson

Carol - I know this comes late in the month, but there is a store in commerce, ga that has two big baskets of mixed silver and silverplate for like 1.00 each piece.

Call them - they may arrange to sell and ship - I know this because I make spoon pendants and handle bracelets. the week after losing my kidney to cancer I was there and dumped them in the floor to go through for some orders I had.

Vintage Blessings 706-335-0717

Teresa Atkinson

Sweet Sage

Hi Carol~
It was so nice to meet you on Monday!
I would have to agree with Micki who commented above .. the thrifts will be your cheapest source. But let me know if you're still searching and I'll leave a bundle for you in my boothe or at the desk at Merchant .. I have oodles of old ones. The class sounds like fun, hope I can join you if my schedule will allow. :)
My Best~
kim thomas
(aka Sweet Sage)

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