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Leonie - Australia

This is so lovely Carol, are you going to do it as a kit ? We could purchase our own canvas so save on postage?

Marlene Moore

Wow, this looks fabulous I am so glad I signed up
a few days ago so I could beat the rush.
Looking forward to seeing you again and working
on the project.


Oh, my... I am drooling. How awesome it is! I wish I could be there in time for taking this class! I wonder if you have some extra kits...??



oh, VERY FUN! looks GREAT!

laurie hunt

This is Fantastic! I just love it an wish I could be out west to take this class. I would be there in a heartbeat. Instead, I think I will bookmark this as something I would like to use for inspiration.

peggy forma

oh you know i will be making this. this just might be next week's thursday with ida!!!! LOL!!!! just love it and i happen to have not one but two canvasses that are 12 x 16 sitting right here!!!!! and we are about to finish our betwinchie books tomorrow..........
enjoy the class............

Louise Murr

Oh I love that canvas. I wish I were close I would SO take that class. This is so neat. I would LOVE to have this hanging in my house. I am going to have to try to make this on my own. Any tips or tricks to it?



Nina W. - Phoenix, AZ

I just signed up! I'm really looking forward to it. It will be my first class with you. Yeah!!

Marlene Moore

Carol, I was in the store today and saw your canvas.
Wow ! it was even more fabulous in real life than the
picture you posted. I cannot wait for the class.


gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Wish AZ was a bit closer to Maine & I'd be therE :-)


I have admired your work for avery long time. However this piece is one of my favorites. This is absolutely gorgeous. I saw it last night and asked one of the girls about it. I would love to take the class, but I have to work, any chance of offering it at night? I am looking for the materials to make it (especially the paste), I even asked...no luck.


You're tempting me to drive down from the north country, three kids in tow! Hmmm. (I like the idea of a kit, too..???)

Jeanne K

I absolutely love it, Carol!


morning carol! i plan to be at scrapbook's etc to sign up for your class today, i HOPE there's an opening for me! woot! if not, i'll just stop by to say hello : ( lol...


that was a GREAT CLASS! even if i was too ditzy today to bring ANYTHING with me to class... haha... keep up the good work!


Too bad i am out-of-town and missed this really great project. Hope you repeat it again sometime in the future...but please, not before i am back home.


I keep coming back to this and admiring it! Gotta' make one some time!!!!

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