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Cindy Geilmann

Thank you for letting me visit you at the party. You look amazing, I'm going to come back and look more. You're very talented.



Thanks for sharing Carol...my "studio" has changed since we downsized and I'm still working out the "kinks" but like you, my space is exposed...but I like that because now instead of everything being spread out (all over the house like before) in different rooms, here it's been "condensed"...some day I'll get the energy to photograph my new space...some day...lol Have a great weekend, fondly, Roberta

julie - eab designs

Love your armoires and storage tins! I'm a huge Ballard fan too! Most especially I am happy to have been inspired by your quotes, not only about creating but also your quote on your blog header. I have just sent this to my mom who has recently gone through quite a number of rough patches in her life and I know this quote will definitely inspire her. Happy to have discovered your blog!


Very attractive and organized! A quick peek at the rest of your blog tells me I will be back soon! Have a great day and thanks for sharing your space!
:) Laura


omg I love the jars full of things! eeekk I would love to go through those! lovely space you have!! big hugs



I love your studio - it looks so crisp, clean and happy! Thanks for sharing.


I love how this day has lead me to so many great blogs. Yours is wonderful.
Love how you write too.
I will be back.
Come visit me!


great space and wonderful quote! my space looks more modern, not at all as 'interesting', but definitely functional : ) enjoy your summer! judy

Donna Liljegren

Thanks for sharing your storage ideas! I've coveted those Ballards cabinets for quite a while, but alas, I have no space for them in my studio. I've loved touring your space. Thanks again.
Hope you'll be able to visit me at brynwoodneedleworks.blogspot.com.
Hugs from a fellow blogger, creating in Florida!

Kimberly Kostka

So fun and functional. I think that those cabinets are fantastic. I will look forward to seeing more of your life as I will be back.

Lynn Stevens

great space so organized and Lovenly put together!

leigh ann

Carol--that looks awesome--i love the eclectic cabinet--the other is to sanatized looking for me...i love the fact that you work out in the open--i am wishing i had that--my poor little room is so cramped and ends up being a catch all for the family--i need to work on that and having it be a place i can go and work and then shut the door/world to keep them out and keep it clean--wish me luck on that--seems like it is forever a battle


Love how you have made a space in a family area and made it work so well. Everything is beautiful, especially the shelves with your silver and vintage goodies! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle Schafer

I am beginning to think that everyone cleaned up their studios before this event! LOL I didn't and boy it shows that I didn't with all of the clean studios I'm seeing here. Or am I the only messy artist here? LOL Lovely space you have here. Enjoy the event.

Joanna {sweet finds}

Hi Carol, I love your white shelfs & all of your belongs. Oh, so pretty! Love the green desk too! xoxo, Joanna

Tracy Kaufman

What a lovey space to work in. Thank you so much for sharing.

Coralie Cederna Johnson

I love your space!!! I'm also loving this event! What fun! Come visit me, too!

Shannon @ Silver Trappings

I love your space! You have some wonderful organizational containers! It was fun to see.



I love what you did with what you had, beautiful marriage of life and art! Oh what I would not give to sit on the floor in front of that cupboard full of handmade books and browse until my hearts content. Thank you for sharing your passion. Have a great weekend!


I enjoyed seeing your creative space ~ it's fun that it's in the heart of your home! Lovely!!
I didn't get my studio pulled together quite enough to photograph for today's event, but I will be hosting a Christmas in July giveaway on my blog tomorrow (Sat), if you'd like to stop by!

Karen Valentine

Oh my, where do I start? Your space is truly fabulous! You don't need a room of your own when you have such wonderful ways to store your goodies. I love Ballard and those armoires definitely work! I adore your vintage locker baskets, and that dresser with the silver and vintage goodies is to die for!!! Thank you so much for joining my party today. Have fun looking at the other terrific spaces!


A really great space you have.. You utilized it so well.. It is lovely to look at.. I love all the special treasures.. Love the Armoire and shelves.. That French table is fabulous.. Thanks for sharing.. Keep Creating!


What fun I love your Spaces!!
I have been getting more & more ideas, with every blog I visit..lol
Huh..like I really need more ideas to fill my brain!!

Thanks for Sharing you Creative Space.



Hi Carol,
Oh, I so enjoyed "visiting" your awesome creative space. Luv all your vintage decorative items too. Seeing your card display rack, I made a call to the Pottery Barn, but sadly they are not presently carrying them. :(
Thank you for sharing this quote with us, it too has made me think differently.
"It's not what you don't have, but what you do with what you have."
Wishing you an artful week-end. I'll be back to visit again.
Barb in Texas


Hi Carol, I was just taking off my party shoes when I got you email! I'm glad to see it! Very inspiring. See you CE! Thanks for sharing! Hugz, Z

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