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Jennifer Stewart

I absolutely loved getting to meet you, even though we didn't get to hang out very much. We were right next door to each other for 18 hours, though! :) Everyone LOVED your class!

Hope to see you again soon!

NotSoccer Mom

ever since i've heard of this event, i knew it's one of the ones i would like if i could ever afford the time and $ to go. thx for sharing the pix so i could see what it's like. and i love your creation with the beads!!!

Debby Schuh

We missed you at CE preview! It looks like you had a great time though!

Greta Young

Hey Carol,

Nice to see some Collections products are displayed inyour studio ;-)

Marlene Moore

Carol, as usual your project was fabulous and thanks for making
everyone work to get it as close to finished as possible.
It was also good to be in a class where I knew the teacher and her
assistant. You and Tena work great together.

peggy forma

it looked awesome
makes me really want to attend
maybe next time

Christine Hickey

Carol, I absolutely enjoyed being in your class. Thank you for working us hard as I truly do appreciate having a 90% done project. Your class has thoroughly inspired me!


Wow, it looks and sounds like a fabulous event Carol! Maybe next year I can put that in the list of things to do!!

Loved "The Shack" such an amazing book!!


Roberta Philbrick

Thank you Cheryl for starting out my inspired event on such a wonderful note:} Hope you come back real soon...I've posted a photo album on my blog if you'd like to take a peek and any if you want any of the photos directly emailed just let me know.
Fondly, Roberta


what a lovely memory of your class and this event! i'm so glad you are empowered by being surrounded by creative women... gratz to all of you for your accomplishments!


i would love to hear/discuss the Shack with you after you're finished!! LOVED that book!! we did a "discussion group" afterwards, and it was the best study group i've ever been in!!

loved meeting you in person too Sweet Lady!! i definately hope to get to AZ some day and hang out with you some more!!

glad you made it home safe. and of course LOVED your class!! it was my favorite for sure. but i'm bias!! wink!!



It was wonderful to see you again, Carol, and to take your class. The whole event was just great! Isn't The Shack an awesome book?



To have had the opportunity to be inspired by you twice this year has been a real treat. And to have even managed some quality time together was an added plus.

I'm sorry I won't get to partake in your great teachings again at CE in August but I hope to see you again on the East Coast real real soon.

Your inspired friend, Jeanette

Diana Dellos

Carol - I think I passed you on the way home if you were in that big suburban limo! I was in a minivan with a license plate that says N2CRE8N.

Thanks so much for your AWESOME class. You have a gift for teaching. You were so patient and calm. I loved your project and can't wait to play with all the techniques I learned.

p.s. - I'm also reading The Shack. I'm about halfway through it. It's wonderful. Makes you think.



Fabulous class! You are so talented, it's 'sick' (in a good way as my son tells me). Just finished my book and can't wait to take it on vacation this summer!


I just had to write you to tell you that your class was awesome!
I teach children all day and sometimes teaching adults can be more
of a challenge.
Your style, confidence, reassurance and patience did not go unnoticed
by a single student.
You made us all feel capable, creative, relaxed and in the zone we so
desperately needed to be in.
Not once did anyone feel like they couldn't make a beautiful journal nor
were they afraid of making a mistake because you made sure there were
remedies for whatever could happen.
You are a true compassionate artist who makes art for all of the right
reasons...........to stay true to yourself and share your love of art
with those you meet and inspire.
Thank you so very much.
I truly hope that we cross paths again my friend.

Pearl Maple

Inspired is on my wish list of events, looks like it was a over the top creative adventure for every one who attended.

birute p.

Carol, it was such a pleasure taking your class!! I have couple of your kits and I always cart around the finished project to crops to show them off. Now I can add another beautiful creation (but of course, I'll need to finish it this weekend first, lol!) I was in your very last class at Inspired and you were so patient with us. You totally "got" how exhausted we were, but with such an awesome project to do, you gave us that last burst of energy we needed for the weekend! Thank you so much for being such a kind, patient and inspiring teacher.

laurie hunt

Thank you so much for your class. I just loved everything about the project that we did. I got so many new ideas that will be put to use in the future. Your project is the first I plan to finish as soon as I finish the journal I started before my boxes of inspired projects arrived home. Thank you again for design such a lovely piece and for sharing it with us. Also, loved your marquee. Yours was one of the ones I would have really loved to win. It was beautiful.


Thanks for such a wonderful summary for all of us at Inspired. Enjoyed every miniute.

Roben-Marie Smith

Looks like a great time!

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