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oooh, when I first saw this I though it might be a new kit...shucks! LOL

can't make it in July but working on a trip out soon!!


leigh ann

Why oh why is it that your classes are when i am out of town? I love it. I would love to come...I want to come...I will be gone--gosh darn it. I could have used it for this trip--how about reschedualing for today--i could put off my packing?

Wishing i could be there,
Leigh Ann


Wow what a cool project!! I would seriously move to Arizona, I'm so jealous for anyone who get to make this project.

Leslie McF

Oh Carol, this is beautiful! Wish I could take the class. Hope you will be at CE again - I'd love to visit with you.
Your Olney friend, Leslie


This book looks even better in person (if that is possible!). Great project Carol.


I am SO in love with this project and ALL of the possibilities that it inspires. My fantabulous SIL attended your class and..... lucky LUCKY me..... she picked up an extra kit for ME! Thanks ever SO much for sharing and inspiring with you creativity, Carol.
Kind regards,


Just wanted to chime in and tell anyone reading--take this class! :) I loved it and it inspired me to make a-whole-nother book in the same fashion. Thanks so much, Carol!!! Can't wait to see you again at Inspired 2009! :)

Nancy Wethington

Carol, how do I order this dos-a-dos kit? I'm in a panic - not anywhere near Phoenix but gotta have this kit!

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