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Lori Hunsaker

Why do I love scrapbooking? I think it is a way for me to be creative, but most of all is for me to fall in love, all over again, with the subjects of my photos. As I've been trying to "catch up" with my scrapbooking I have found that I am reliving sweet moments of my children's childhood, wonderful memories of being with family and remembering those breathtaking times I've been surrounded by the beautiful and scenic world.

Judy in Carefree

You are part of the reason I find scrapping so satisfying. I love pages, but you have made me travel beyond the page and I would really love to have this book. Thank you, Carol, and happy NSD!

Jeanette Brooks

Lori certainly put it very well, and I would have to agree that when I look at those photos of my sweet family and friends, I go back to the time that the photo was taken. I also scrapbook for those who will come after me. I love knowing that they won't be so "in the dark" about mine and my family's lives. I'm so curious about what everyone did and how they met and where they lived and all of that information. So that's one way I approach how I scrapbook today. My boys will have wives and kids one day and I want them to be fortunate enough to be able to look at my hard work and have a better idea of how their Dads grew up. I also want their children to be able to learn more about their Grandpas and on and on. Sometimes I loose sight of why I scrapbook, and then I get the opportunity to think on it again and it brings it all back. Thanks Carol, for giving me the chance to think about it today.

Dale Anne

I LOVE scrapbooking because it gives me a chance to visit all those old photos, that normally are tucked into a box. Recalling all the memories while we can and recorded them is what I have been doing this past year. LOTS of memories to do yet.
LOVELY mini book!!!

Cherri Engle

I have scrapbooking for a little over 10 years now. I love that it is a creative expression outlet for me. My job is very technical and I can't really be 'creative' I love that my children cherish the pages that I create about them, they cherish the memories that I document. I love new ideas, new products and mixing and matching different colors and embellies. It's my life art. I can't imagine not doing this. My LSS had special make-and-takes this morning, free goody bags and sales going on. Some friends and I were 'in line' early. We love going together, it's so much fun. Happy National Scrapbooking Day. Cherri


I love combining words and photos together to tell the story and history of our lives. Who we are, how we lived, the joys and sorrows in our life and the many things in between. I am terribly grateful to have the opportunity to have found this wondeful hobby (obsession?)and my only wish is that I had more time to devote to it. I am also grateful that my daughter loves working with me, we have done several projects together. I treasure those moments.

Your book is beautiful, I would add that I am grateful for the opportunity to win such a keepsake. Your generousity is appreciated. Enjoy your day. Susan

Kris in Rochester, NY

I love that scrapbooking gives me the opportunity to make my treasured memories permanent. It makes a record of the life I've lived, with not only photos of those major memories, but those day to day moments as well. Through this craft I have been able to be artistic and creative in ways that I never thought I'd be able to achieve, since I don't have the gift or ablities to paint or sketch, but I can put artistic elements together to form pages that I treasure, and hopefully will be treasured by my children after I'm gone.


Why do I Love Scrapbooking?
I Love * the people * the products * the ideas * the textures * the possibilities * the friendship * the sharing * the creativity * the community * the memories * the talent * the techniques * the doing * the result * the learning * the photography * the gadgets

I Love that Scrapbooking has no boundries, it's possible for anyone, anywhere, of any faith, of any age, of any race, any age, any gender, at any time.

I Love that it is a industry success story where women's talents, abilities, creativity and hard work really stand out.

I Love Scrapbbok Blogs, and crops, and classes, swaps, and RAOK's and tutorial's and YouTube video's and LSS's and online shopping and in house sales.

But most importantly I Love that Scrapbooking helps us all to savor the moment, preserve the past, honor the unsung hero's in our lives, focus on the little things and that helps us realize it's the little things, the little moments that are really the treasures in life and they are what bring true happiness.


Scrapbooking or paper crafts-I love the art and creating. Learning new techniques and playing with a different product is exciting and stimulating. But, now, a more important aspect is providing memories. My mother has Alzheimers and I want to provide her with the stimulation of recalling the memories and hopefully, to slow the process of this memory-robbing disease. I am doing a small album of her life with my dad, their homes, their families, OUR family. I plan to ask her questions, to provide the journaling and have my dad fill in any blanks. She can look at the book and enjoy the moments from her past.


Hi Carol. As I sit here scrapping an album called "Friend Stuff", I know one of the reasons why I love to scrapbook so much is because of all the friends I've made because of this hobby. I am blessed to have a group of friends that share my love of scrapbooking as well. I also love the touch and feel of paper, paints, glue and "stuff". I find such peace when I'm lost in one of my projects. It's a wonderful hobby and I'm so grateful that it found me.

Happy NSD to you too.



I love (insert my current creative passion here - scrapbooking, cardmaking, quilting, sewing, counted cross stitch, embroidery, etc, etc, etc!)almost any kind of craft that I can do with my hands. It is my touchstone - I can really feel empty if I haven't created something for a few days, or at least gotten a creative fix through blurfing or looking at magazines. Sometimes I feel the need to create on special thing - a scrapbook page or a special card; and sometimes I feel the need to create assembly line fashion by making a dozen of the same card (which is eerily similar to piecing log cabin blocks - once the pattern is worked out, you can just loose yourself in the sameness of it all - I use to call it mindless piecing when I was quilting) Anyway, this creativeness is the internal me coming out, and I wouldn't have it any other way!


Why scrapbook? It feeds my need to create. It's that simple.


Being adopted, scrapbooking for me is insight and a kind of embodiment of Deuteronomy 4:9 "Do not forget the things your eyes have seen, record them for your children and your children's children." Scrapbooking is my way of preserving experiences for myself and my children. I can't tell you how many of my grandmother's photos I've poured through and had no idea at who or what I was looking and felt that the story was irrevocably lost. Additionally, scrapbooking is cathartic and allows me to be creative (and gives me an excuse go shopping!).


Thanks Carol, great idea. I love the fact that I have a creative outlet, and have met some really incredible new friends doing something I love.

Grace P

Why do I scrapbook? I thought it was cheaper than "therapy" it is "NOT"! But I have made so many new friends through scrapbooking. So many teachers who inspire me to be a better person not only a better scrapbooker. Is it cheaper than therapy? (don't know) but I can say it is so much more than any 1 person can give it is a community of teachers helping each other. Thank you Carol for being 1 of those teachers. I am always taking care of everyone and try to fix everything and scrapbooking is for me and only me. Grace


I enjoy scrapbooking because it gives me an excuse to sit down and focus on something other than work. I also love having albums to look at and see how my style has evoled. An added bonus is when my DD and/or DH ask to flip through the scrapbooks and reminisce about the who/what/where/when that the pages hold.

Trace Geworsky

I love scrapbooking because it guarantees that I will be able to leave behind treasured memories for my child.
My Mom passed away when I was a teenager and she left nothing behind...no scrapbooks, journals or even dated photo albums, and I will not put my son in the same position.

valerie myers

What I love most about scrapbooking and paper arts is the wonderful opportunity to create with other artists. There is a kinship like no other when you find a friend that also loves to create and preserve memories. Valerie


Fabulous!! why do I love to scrapbook? simple, I can be creative and social all at the same time! Seriously, all the friends and people I have had the good fortune to meet with this wonderful hobby is benefit enough. I thank my lucky stars that I found a way to be creative and "artsty" (coming from a girl who can't draw a straight line with a ruler) and make new friends in the process...that's the best!


fran heupel

What a beautiful book Carol! I love to scrapbook because I love to preserve all the stories and the memories that go with them for my two daughters. It also gives me the freedom to create whatever I like and there is no right or wrong way to do it. I enjoy watching my daughters look through their books and makes me one proud momma!
Have a wonderful week-end.

Fran Heupel

Tammy Newger

I love the supplies, the shopping, the supplies and did I mention the supplies? LOL

Seriously, I just love making things, learning new things, hanging out and scrappin!

I love the book you made, you are truly a great artist!


I scrapbook because of love and friendship. I want to remember the love for family and friends in a touchable way and I want others to see that love too. I cherish the friendships made and maintained around the scrapping table. Yes, I have a blast seeking out, trying, and collecting all the wonderful supplies for memory art and I enjoy the creative process making pages or books. But, when I ask why I like that -- it's because it documents the love and friendships.
Thanks Carol for asking the question and offering a fabulous giveaway!


i scrapbook because i want to leave something for my children. it's also a way to escape for everyday life.
what i love most is trying, then trying again because it's never perfect and sometimes mage something that i'm proud of

Donna Daly

I love to scrapbook because it gives me unlimited ways to express my creativity! I also love meeting new scrapers we are all so nice :)


I love to scrapbook because it gives me a chance to relive significant moments and inspire future generations with my take on those moments. Each moment is lived and replayed - the first at the memories' creation, then at the memories' documentation when I journal and add memorabilia, and repeatedly at the memories' viewing. Be it happy moments, sad times, life-shaking episodes, these make me who I am and shape my believes. I want my family to know they are important to me. I also encourage them to pen their take on those times and include their journalling onto the pages.

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