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Linda F.

Carol, I enjoy your blog so much, so I'm glad you've enjoyed doing it for us. And that book is beautiful. I think all my creative endeavors are my favorites (except for a challenge I recently did that totally stumped me. But I did it...). But my garden always comes out as a favorite lovely thing. I'm constantly awed when some burst of color shows itself and I realize...I did that! I planted it, nurtured it, tended it... I do love my flowers!


I love my garden also, but it's such a work in process now that it's hard to see results yet. There were two projects that were my favorites this past year, and I don't think I could choose. I took a class from Karen Russell called "Snapshots of my Ordinary Life." I love how she always pulls me out of my box. The second project was your "Colors of your World" class on BPS. I learned so many cool techniques and found new colors that I actually enjoyed using. And the pages I made turned out to be some of my favorites for the year.
Just recently found your blog and enjoy reading about your life and art.

Dana Smith

I took my daughter to Paris as a HS graduation gift. Creating 2 albums from that visit was my most creative project. I used 2 vintage French books as the covers. It was pure enjoyment putting them together!
Dana in VA


My creative project this year was to make 8 mini albums for the high school seniors (including my son) and their teacher that were a part of his a capella Colonial Singers group. Seeing their tears of joy and hearing the words of appreciation made all the stress and sweat of getting them done on time very worthwhile.
Sue in Alexandria VA


I have been decoupaging and personally boxes for gifts! I just forget to make one for myself all the time!!


How about two very different projects? We had our basement finished this summer. We're decorating now so the creative process has gone from drywall, fixtures and paint to decor and finishing touches. I got my very own studio out of the deal so it's all been VERY worthwhile. ;)

My second big project (and definitely more scary) is starting my own photography business. I've been taking photos for friends for years, but because of a few requests from strangers, I'm now making it official. It's actually taking off faster than I was prepared for so I feel like I'm in a constant state of catching up. But what fun! I'm working on a real website gallery so that's the biggest creative job at the moment.

I'm mostly a lurker, but I check your blog daily. (And I've made several purchases due to things you've posted.) You're definitely on my list for creative inspiration. Thanks for sharing with us and good luck with those deadlines.

fran heupel

My creative project for this year was to finish a 8x8 scrapbook for my nephew's first year of events. My sister isn't a scrapbooker and I really wanted her to have something creative done by me to record all his wonderful memories.
Whose knows maybe she may want to try and create more pages to add to his book on her own.

fran heupel

Megan Olsen

My favorite project this year has been a three clip clipboard that I altered with papers, accessories, and pictures of me and my boyfriend. I loved the way it turned out, and it was my first true altered project. :)


Hi that is so wonderful that you enjoy blogging for us. Your "ordinary life" is full of extra fabulous inspirations. Ok enough about you! LOL! On to Grace: A project that I am working on is a wall of pictures it is taking a while I have an old screen window and different frames and trying to "Carol" it up with accessories like flowers and old fashioned doo dads! This weekend I have a wall art saying that you rubb on the wall (like the rob ons for scrapbooking) "The most important things in life aren't things...." So basically my scrapbook page is my wall. And your Blog with your shopping excursions and daughters jewlery making and old flowers have inspired me so much. So keep blogging and thank U! Grace

Penny in Missouri

Hi Carol,
I enjoy your blog so much and I am glad you enjoy doing it. My project wasn't a scrapbook or paper project it was bed for my cat to lay on while I scrapbook. She, Katheryn Elizabeth, "Katie," use to jump up on my craft table right in the middle of my project and lay down on her back waiting to be scratched. While I adore her, I'm not too crazy about chasing her down to retrive a rub-on, or other piece of scrapbooking material, that may attach to her or that she may eat. Now, all I have to say is, "Let's go scrapbook," and she trots into my scrapbook room and gets on her "bed." A scratch now and then seems to suffice and mom and cat are both content. :)

Shannon Stamp

I did a 12 x 12 canvus, and glued on shells, coastal netting, sand dollars, and glass chunks, glue, sand, scrapbook paper, and one black and white printed picture of my husband and I at the beach on it. Loved it and it is sitting on an easel in our living room.


I enjoy your blog so much that I enrolled in your BPS Color class this summer. I finished an album of my color pages and even branched out to other colors (when I was sorting my greens, I couldn't narrow them down to yellow green and green green - there's also grey green and blue green and, well, you can imagine the rest. . .) I also did an 8x8 album to give to my 31 year old son about his childhood. I had a ball finding pictures online of the toys he played with when he was young (StarWars, MOTU, Sesame St., etc.). He was totally surprised and pleased with it.

nancie irwin

My good friend and partner in creating, Wendy and I have been in love with the Zutter Bind it All these days. We created a few fun books to teach at My Daughters Wish and one of them is a little planner type book we call The It Girls Guide To Life. It was so much fun creating it and even more fun actually using it.

Leslie McF

Carol, I love your blog - even more now that I've discovered we are Olney soul sisters. I find your projects to be so inspiring. My favorite project this year, well there are two. My London book, made prior to my trip and a little book called "50 things to do at 50". Even more fun is that I'm developing them both into classes for next year!

Sue Stoughton

Other than the classes that I just took from you at Wishfest you mean? (How's that for getting the nose a little brown on the end?) My favorite project is in process now but I can't think of anything that will knock it off the top of the list. My mom sold her house this year after 38 years of family memories. It is the only real house I knew growing up. I have been collecting pictures of our times there from the picture in the MLS listing in 1969 to the one I took the day of the sale this year. Hard to not love a project when you love the subject.


Congrats on your 300th post. I participated in a charm swap and really enjoyed making the charms. They were glass pieces that I embossed and wrapped with wire, beads and metal charms. Then I made an ATC in the same theme to attach the charm to. It was alot of fun.

jenny holiday

Carol!!! You dazzling doll you!! I Just love your blog to bits! You have been such a source of inspiration... and fun galore! :) Thank you so much for all that you share!!

Congrats on the big 300!! Here's to many many more of your fab posts!

As for my favorite creative project of the year...I would have to say designing our classes for Silver Bella!...hands down! What an amazing and fun opportunity it all has been for us! Just knowing that we will be meeting all of our online friends, and inspirations is enough to need a fainting couch!! :)

Thanks so much for the fun!!!

Happy Creating! Happy Blogging!
xoxo Jenny


I think my "42 Memories of my 42nd Bday" mini-album. It was fun to make myself go back and really think about all the details of my birthday and find 42 things to remember.

Thanks so much Carol -- I just love your work!!


Judy in Carefree

My favorite project this year is decorating my Halloween table. I have decorated three witch's hats...paper mache ranging in size from 10" to almost 2'... with net, ribbons, stars, paper flowers, feathers and jewels. So much fun!!! Mixed these with a few glittered fake bones, skulls and pumpkins.


I finally finished a queen size quilt that I have been working on for a couple of years. It is done in 1930's retro fabric and is primarily applique - if I can say so myself it turned out great! I took your BPS class, need to finish that one up - but I love the ideas and inspiration. It has me looking at things differently which is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your life and talent on your blog and congratulations on number 300! Susan


Congrats Carol! I check your blog every day and enjoy it so much. Seems like my favorite creative project has been the one I just finished. I've been trying new techniques and altering items this year and I just finished a pumpkin diorama modeled after one I spotted on another blog. I cut open a foam white pumpkin and put in a spooky scene with a photo of an old house and some tombstones. Taking my paper arts to another level has really opened up my creativity. That's one of the reasons I find your work so inspiring, it always teaches me a new technique or a way to look at something in a new way. Thanks for all your inspiration and a peep into your life.


I love the look of wooden letters on the wall, but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for them. I found a font I liked on Microsoft Word and then enlarged and printed one letter per 8 1/2 x 11 inch page to spell out the word "Create". My dad then cut out the letters with his jigsaw using scraps of wood he had around his workshop. Idecorated them and they hang in my scrapbook/craft room. They cost me $0 because I used paper & embellishments I already had. I love a challenge to do something at little or no cost.


Hi Carol,
It’s Angela from My Daughter's Wish. It was fantastic to meet you last weekend and help out with your class.
My favorite crafting projects are always gifts I make for friends and family. This year I made a book for a friend so that she can document her family’s yearly beach vacation. I can't wait to give it to her for Christmas.
Love your blog. TFS.

Geralyn Gray

Congrats on your 300th post. My favorite project so far this year was every single one made at Creative Escape, I absolutely,definitely, without a doubt, no way I mean no way can pick a favorite. I loved loved loved them all!!!!!!!!! What a great idea to have the teachers from last year on
Friday night---what a treat. The feeling of missing something by not attending the first year was all erased. My favorite part of that also was seeing your personal style shine through. I won't say I love your vintage style the best and tena's, that just wouldn't be fair, but I do love anything with a vintage flair. Enjoy Silver Bella----I wish I was going. Hopefully there will be 2008 Silver Bella---that's my goal for next year. Thanks for sharing your art through your blog!


My favorite project this year is my «All about me» album. I really enjoy your blog !

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