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Carol, I adore the white book...been in such a white mood lately myself. Hope you are well. Your schedule sure looks busy! Blessings, Rebecca


love your books such great style.


oh Carol you are such a tease! You need to come back here for a class or do another online one with BB especially for me! I've still got some work to do on the last one you did mind you - I don't ever write about myself too much so it's taking deep thought LOL.
Just love your projects and you know how much I prefer making things from scratch, which is probably why you inpsire me so much.


Oh these books look so great. Love the white one!You rock!!


If I could, I'd hop on a plane to New England just to partake in all the creative goodness you will be sharing. And my white Christmas book is my all-time favorite!

Nancy L in Vancouver, Canada

I agree if I were closer to you Carol, I'd be taking all your classes. Thanks for providing sneak peaks!


If I lived closer, I'd be there taking classes. :) In the meantime, I'd love to get in on one of those extra kits, if you have them.

Chris Spear

I look to your blog for ideas and inspiration and with you, I'm never at a loss!
I would love to be able to go to MA for your classes in August, but I understand the event is sold out.
I know you are not in the habit of selling things online, but would it be possible to order a travel notebook kit from you since I won't be able to attend the class?
My husband, who's an Army officer, has done a bit of "traveling" lately and I think this would be a beautiful way of showcasing his photos/thoughts.
Thank you,

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