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*LOVE* the black and white. It's very classic!


I love black and white and your layout is a fabulous representation of it. Love the way you placed the journal boxes.

Judy in Carefree

Thanks, Carol! Great class and I have even finished all three pages.


Hi Carol;

My parents were fairly strict. The expectations were high and there were always consequences. I was raised to respect my parents. My parents were financially comfortable, but we only got toys at Christmas and our birthday - and then not a lot. I did chores and received an allowance for it. My parents built their life around us. My dad was home every single night. My mom read to us, played games with us and was genuinely interested in our activities. They always presented a united front. I got spanked if I deserved it. When I got older, I was grounded if I deserved it.

I believe that I have had a successful life because of the way I was raised. I wish parents today would go back to that instead of giving their kids everything except their time.

I miss seeing you at Ink It - I miss Ink It!

Kimberly Kwan

oooh....wish I coulda come, because this looks stellar!
and, I'm with Diane...I miss Ink It! too!

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