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I haven't really done any type of altered memory art, but am interested in learning more about it. Your work is beautiful and maybe if I win your book, I'll have some ideas on things I can make!

Louise Murr

I love the look of altered art. I think an ideal class would be filled with alot of different techniques. Maybe even do some kind of altered old book with pages and pages of different techniques that we would not be afraid to try in the book. Painting, distressing, tearing, folding, inking, stamping, etc. And even different things we can alter to add to the book, like metals, chipboard, ribbons, laces, wire, transparencies, etc. I love mixing it up, playing and learning anything I can about it all.
I love your work. I have admired it for several years. Love all that look of something old and thrown own made into a treasure of my own.


I don't care what class you teach; I'd just like you to do one (or more--hey a girl can dream!) in the Chicago area. :)

Sharyn (Torm)

I'd like to learn how to alter my children's morning behavior so that they are not so scrappy so that my memories of them and myself are rosier.

how's that? LOL

seriously tho...gotta think on it. it's been a rather crazy morning

sherry bamsey

I would like a class on collage as I just can not seem to get my projects to look anywhere as close to yours. They truely look like I stuck pictures on a page!!!

Carissa T

Hi Carol
I would love any class, really!!!
How about a first year baby book showing
different techniques of collage combining
all that baby memorbilia you collect and
found collage-y type items and papers.
or a heritage family tree book.
Or how you go about collecting all the
items you use and the process of picking
out & combining those items.
Thanks for the chance!

Karen Rushton

I would like anything with fabric and lace and a vintage kind of feel to it.

fran heupel

Hi Carol,
I have never taken any of your classes but read your blog daily.
I also have never done any collage memory art but would love to learn some new techniques to get me on my way. I love all your projects I have seen on your blog. Thanks for the chance to win something so wonderful.

Fran Heupel

suzi finer

I would love a class with a small accordion book sewn into a hollowed out antique doll belly, using the shell of "skin" as the cover so it would fold right up into it. Perhaps with a food theme (so we can see what she ate.)
I can dream, can't I?


I would love a class that has three parts - a bit theory on design, then a technique and then the doing. I would love to have a technique that includes household items - for example clingwrap or shaving cream or stuff like that! The perfect thing on top would be that everybody goes out with a different and unique layout! That would be my dream workshop - well actually I want to give workshops like that - LOL!!!

Kim Langston

I'd like to see a class on using found objects in papercrafting... found objects that you would never think to use in papercrafting. I found your work to be soooo inspirational... those samples you brought to Creative Escape were fantastic.


I would love to take a class on using dyes!!! I'm so intrigued by the whole idea...


When I read your post I got thinking I would love to do something creative with all the things collected from your childhood. I guess Carissa and I are thinking on the same page. I would love to do something that enables you to display them in a creative artistic way. That way I am not sure of but I thought maybe you would have some GREAT ideas. I thought of using watch tins or something like that because most things are small(first tooth, lock of hair, hospital bracelet etc.)but that is as far as I got. I have taken two classes from you (CE and Moncton) and loved both of them. Can't wait for another one!! Glad to see you are coming back to Moncton this year. I love your style! Thanks for doing this!



I had a chance to peak at the book when I was visiting Trish the other day at the hospital. Loved the first book........ but this one ROCKS!!!! I would love to see you do an altered picture frame or memory board class.

Tracy Rizzo

Collage lots of collage anything vintagey.Anything I haven't tried like transfer processes.


I did a class of yours here in Australia a few years ago at "Nara Resort"..This i believe will be the one and only time i will have such an opportunity to learn from you in the teaching capacity..But!! with your books i can and will learn myself assisted by your special guidance... I never had the opportunity back then, nor did i realise that you would impact on my thoughts and style with Paper Art...I just ooze "Memories" and i adore it ....thank you so much for sharing so many parts of yourself and your family as well as all the creative abundance you have within yourself...Its truly appreciated by so many of us ..

Anna Molina

I need to take a class on collage art, period! None of the local scrapbook shops in the area really teach collage. I think I may have developed a phobia for modge podge now!


I would love to see a class that uses rub-ons. I love to use them and would like to see more ways to incorporate them into my scrapbooking.

Dale Anne

I would LOVE any class you teach....sure wish you lived closer!!!

Regina Seeger

Hi Carol. I took your class at CE and loved it. I love your style and read your blog daily.

I would like to do a box of some sort using stuff from the sea: shells, netting, sea glass, you name as well as incorporating stamping, inking, photographs, rub-ons, chipboards and lots and lots of ribbbon. I think it should have some kind of knob on it that relates to the sea or some kind of funky closure. I'm thinking pretty blues and greens and coral and white. What do you think?



Something with birds. I received two bird feeders for Christmas and have really enjoyed watching the the show they've put on since then. Something with collage and a vintage feel.

Emily H.

I would love to learn how to do encaustic collages. Something where I can use wax and found objects to build up compositions. Could be used for covers of books and wall pieces of altered art.


Loved you class last year at CE! How about a class with all that vintage binding material you bought awhile ago?


Maybe something taken from Nature? I adore photos of nature...found around my day... I have quite a few photos that are my favorites, and when I see them here or there, they always remind me of the day, who I was with, where I was. I just haven't figured out a unique, wonderful way to incorporate them into some type of 'memory keeper'. Any ideas?


I would like to take a class that the project was done on a large canvas that I could hang on my wall.

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