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tammy (yes, that one....)

Well, I myself don't have a blog, but I do love reading them, I guess it's like a get-a-way for me, seeing all these peoples interesting lives and things they do and the art they create, I get inspiration......That's whi I LOVE to blog...Hi Carol! :)


To me, it's a lot like scrapbooking. Posting a photo or an event is a little like capturing it in time. I print out my pages each month and keep them in a binder and think of it as an online journal. It has also served a great purpose as a central photo location for family and friends instead of emailing photos to them.


I love to read other's blog! (Unfortunately, I do it at work, like right now - bad girl!) But, it somehow connects me to these people even though we've never met. It's just like reading all the journaling on the layouts in magazines - I have a need to know what is going on their lives! I can get great recipes or ideas - it's just like reading a lot of great books!


I love to read blogs! If you really keep up with a certain few, you actually begin to feel like you know them personally. They feel like a good friend. You are happy when something wonderful happens to them, and sad if things don't work out. I am very grateful to see that there are other super stressed moms out there! Moms that are trying to artfully document history fo rtheir family. Mom's that get so caught up in it that they burn dinner!! Been there, done that, by the way! Enjoy CHA, and the heart album is beautiful!!

Kim Johnson

I blog because I love learning from other people that have the same interests that I have. I also love learning about other peoples lives. The good and the bad. It brings a feeling of "hey my live really is more normal than I thought!"
See you at CHA!

fran heupel

I don't have a blog but I love to read blogs for all the great stories and wonderful inspiration you find on a blog. I learn a lot about a person usually from a blog.



Hi Carol!! It's me bucket!!! Why I love to blog? Lately it's been more of a refresher for me. A way to get my feelings down and going back a year ago and seeing the differences in my life. So much has been happening that sometimes going back and reading what happened before really wasn't a big deal. -bucket


I think for me as a fulltime stay at home mom (which I mainly love) it truly does give me a connection to other people. Maybe I am just nosy also! But when you read of people and their joys and their struggles - it encourages! Also you connect on the level of creating - enouraged to try something new when you see someone else's wonderful creations.

Jessica Hood

i love to blog b/c i enjoy promoting the work of various artists & crafters that i admire. i have made so many friends through my blog, too. such a fabulous thing! thanks for the opportunity to win a cool kit!


I miss being around the old store and seeing and taking classes from you. I don't have a blog but think it is seriously time to have one. I enjoy reading all about everyone also. I have a routine that I start the morning with...reading about 6 blogs. cute haircut too!

debbie susee

I love the way it makes you feel connected to people whom you would never otherwise meet.


I blog (and love to read blogs) because it lets me share my story. I've gained so much insight and creative inspiration from the world of bloggers!

Julie Coryell

I really love to read others' blogs because it really inspires me to get creative. A lot of times that is just what I need to get off my butt and do something crafty.

You inspire me to "get my hands dirty"!! I took your book making class several years ago with my sister(Jenny Meyerson)and I haven't stopped since! Thanks Carol!


why I love to blog. Because it's a form of communication for me, I've always found it easy writing... journaling, and one perk fr blogging, meeting such wonderful new friends! You gotta love that! hugs to all out there!

Judy in Carefree

I love reading blogs and I'm almost at the point where I think I'll have to get my own...seems like the perfect extension of scrapbooking! Have fun at CHA!


i blog once in awhile...i love to simply because it is a way to stay connected to those people in life that you don't get to see or talk to often. i love to read other artist's blogs because they offer inspiration. have a blast at CHA!


PS. Baby Sydney has arrived!

Amy J.

Hey Carol. I love to blog cause it lets me keep up with those of you who are so far away! The SCRAPGALA weekend was such a fun peek into your lives when you travel - your blog is a peek into your daily life.
I read blogs every nite... my favorites list at work has about 25 on it right now.......people I know include just less than half of them. People's blogs I've stumbled on from someone elses a portion and of course COMPANY blogs include the rest of them!!
I blog on my own blog - www.thescrapshack.typepad.com - at least 3 times a week. I love checking in to see who's written me back. Its GREAT - almost like stalking the mailman after I've participated in a swap and its gone postal. EXCITEMENT!!!!!
Enjoy CHA ...... !!

Nicole LeBlanc

I don't have my own blog but I love that I was able to keep in touch with woman I met through Scrap Gala in 2005 and through them met YOU! Then after a year of getting to know you through your blog and email we met in November and now we get to keep in touch until next November :) can't get any better than that! Love the Valentine Book and Good Luck to the Lucky Winner!!!!
Luv Nicole


Blogs are new to me. I met 5 awesome teachers at ScrapGala and the blogs help me stay in touch. I also love blogs because I pick up tips things from the pictures that get posted.

Paula Martone

I get inspired by reading what others have to say and realize that we are all one within. same issues of everyday life,you know what I mean. I also like to see what others are creating with their minds and hands.


Well....blogging to me has opened so many doors to new experiences....new friendships....new skills....new confidence....
I feel like I have connections that I never had before...with people who have similar interests or similar experiences.
It makes me feel like I am part of a support system that doesn't exist with my "real life" friends. My blogging friends have a better understanding of the me that I am outside of my job or family...etc.
Oh boy...I could go on and on. I am thankful that I took the plunge...challenged myself to do something I had been longing to do...but wasn't so sure anyone would have any interest in. I have learned that I have something to say....and there are people out there who are hearing it and listening to it and understanding it!
That is why I LOVE blogging!


Blogs have opened my world. I have learned so much about creating and the power to create something new each day. I feel like I get to attend more classes because of all the information and technqiues that are shared on blogs in the comfort of my own home. It has enhanced my personal creativity. Thank you for all your creativity Carol and congrats on returning to CE for 2007.

Robyn W

Gday Carol, when blogging i just love looking at what evr1's creating, and i have to admit have made some UNBELIEVABLE friendships from blogging, makes the world a smaller place don't it.......and i too am like you, love to have a sticky beak


While I don't personally have a blog - I haven't found a free one I like and I wouldn't use it enough to pay for one - I do love reading them. I originally started reading your blog out of idle curiousity, but have come to love it and so many others I've discovered. It is a welcome distraction from school! I've always loved reading about people's lives, whether diaries from the seventeenth century or twenty-first century blogs. I love the insights, the joys and the hardships that are recorded and how these things are specific to the individual writing, yet everyone can relate to them. Carol, you are such a creative and inspiring person and a constant source of motivation and encouragement for me! Thanks!


I guess I originally started blogging as a way to record what was going on in my life at the time. Now I guess it has become a way of life. I love being inspired by everyone that is out. What they have to say, share and what goes on thousands of miles away. It has helped me "connect" with those I normally would not have met. Love it!! So many new friends made all through this thing called blogging.

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