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Looks like a fun bunch of ladies. So glad it went well. And that is one heck of a bath tub!!!


Carol, Thank you so much for your appreciation of our help. We did not think of this weekend as work cause it so was not!! It was the best time ever had! I truly was inspired by you..
Frienships were definately made this weekend. Luv yah Noella :o)


Love the pics Carol! I had such an amazing weekend. I loved your Hung Up on Family class. I found an adorable pic of my niece to put on the plaque. I had planned to keep it for myself but it was just too pretty and I knew my sis would want it so I gave it to her yesterday at lunch. She really liked it. Now I'll have to do another one for myself!

Tina McDonald

Hey Carol!! Thank you for all you did this weekend!! It was an amazing weekend for me... and I want to thank you for being a big part of that! You were such an encouragement with all of your congrats on my win! :) What a huge honor!
Your work rocks and I can't wait to take your classes again next year... right? ;)

Myleta Ross

Thanks!!! Carol for such an awesome weekend. Scrapgala is a weekend we won't forget for a long time and when the memory starts to fade I just have to look on the wall at the beautiful wall hanging I created in your 'Hung Up on Family Class'! Thanks again! 'til next year!

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